Another experience of Jeeva Nadi reading at Kallar, Mettupalayam

We read and hear about Jeeva Nadi predictions and reading. But what it takes to have a first hand experience of one’s own question is answered, only in a motherly manner? This post reveals such an experience of a person who went to get Jeeva Nadi reading.


A devotee went to seek the guidance of Sage Agastya in the Kallar Gnana Peedam. His experience is given as it is, from how he stated them originally in Tamil.

First, let us see what the Siddha Kaka Pujunda says about Shri Agastya Muni:

அகத்தியரே பெரும் பேற்றை அடைந்தோராவார்
அம்மம்மா வெகு தெளிவு அவர் வாக்குந்தான்!
அகத்திலுறை பொருளெல்லாம் வெளியாய்ச் சொல்வார்
அவர் வாக்கு செவி கேட்க அருமையாகும்!
அகத்தியரின் பொதிகையே மேருவாகும்!
அம்மலையும் அகத்தியரின் மலையுமாகும்!
அகத்தியரின் அடையாளம் பொதிகை மேரு
அவர் மனது மவரைப் போற் பெரியோர் உண்டோ!

In English…

It is Agastya who attained the huge blessing
Oh my holy Mother! His words are pretty clear!
He clarifies the hidden meanings openly
The ears will be pleased to hear His words!
Agastya’s Podhigai Hills is but Mount Meru!
It is Agastya’s holy abode indeed!
Agastya’s identity is Podhigai Meru
Is there anyone who can match Him?
Siddha Kaka Pujundar →


I have been reading the Sitthan Arul for weeks together now and have realized that I was getting immediate answers to all my queries from the various incidents from that series. Just like how I get a reply each week, this week also, I got to know that “If it is getting delayed to reach a place without we knowing or by unavoidable circumstances, they are for good only!”

I had a grievance for a long time. For that, I have checked the Nãdi in various places and have done parihar, but I never thought that I will get an answer from Agastya’s Jeeva Nãdi! If “They” are the one who calls, then whatever happens is all because of “Their” grace. This was shown to me clearly as that of a movie by Them.

After lengthy thought process, I chose a auspicious vrata day, offloaded every other burden in the name of Lord and took the phone number of Kallar Gnana Peedam and gave it to people close to me, requesting them to talk. I can most certainly say that it is all Their grace. The first surprise was that I got a date allotted for receiving the Nãdi reading. But from that day on, whatever sins I havd committed knowingly began to daunt me, leaving me sleepless. I realized what sort of a big sinner am I, in those short span of time. There is forgiveness for sins committed unknowingly. But I had known from reading Sitthan Arul (The Grace of Siddha’s original Tamil version) that those accumulated karma’s effect will continue birth after birth. Having said these, will the Maha Muni Agastya say any word at all, for a person like me? This fear surrounded me.

I began to do Japa whenever I thought of, fed the cow with ample fruit and was doing whatever parihar I learnt. The truth is, as the day came closer, many sleepless nights added up. Even if He (Agastya Muni) scolds me, it is fine, but what if He says ‘I won’t help’?, everything will be over and done! Fear. I bewailed this to one of my friend who visits Agastya’s temple constantly. My friend might have thought – O, if only he relieves me of this torture – he use to say “do not go if you fear”. Again I use to get worried and then will summon courage to do the regular tasks!

The day of travel came!

As we could not get train tickets, we decided to go by bus. I thought I should get some sweets and snacks for the children there at the Ashram and to tell my friend before I set off. When I called him up, he asked:
“What are you taking for Agastya?”

I could not answer. Then he himself suggested to get Vastra (garment), Beetle leaves, fruits, saambrani (frankincense), rose water etc. As it was already dark, we could not get any of these and so we boarded the bus. The bus started an hour late and due to rain, it moved in the speed of a tortoise. What could be reached in 4 hours, it took 6 hours to reach Coimbatore. It is for good as the shops will be open by then! We boarded a bus that goes to Mettupalayam.

It was happier that from a shop, we got garland and other items. We inquired the cab drivers who asked for Rs. 600 to Kallar which is only about 6 kilo meters. As we stood there, an auto rickshaw came and hurried us to get in. He said ‘give me 100 rupees, but get in first’. It was about 8 in the morning. The auto rickshaw guy said that he knows the place but where he went was to Sri Ramakrishna Math. There were nobody and I thought I shall take bath right there as I remembered the post which said that there is a river that runs by. I was very eager but I couldn’t take bath since I could not spot any river. I began to doubt. Is this the place? The person accompanied me confirmed my doubt too. Then we realized that we have been mis-routed, and somehow reached Agathiyar Gnana Peedam. From a distance, the Ashram looked as if asking “Here you came, at last?” It was 5 minutes to 9. Once my companion took bath in the Ashram and then I began to read some slokhas and did some Japa. The garland we bought, as expected, covered the Sage Agastya from the neck to toe. This itself gave me a sort of peace. We are in the right direction, I realized.

The crowd was good enough. After a while, HH Mataji came out of the Dhyana Room. When she began to call out names, we said ours and she said ‘Oh O, I just called out this name and since there wasn’t any, I moved other names prior to yours”. Then she wrote our names. We were the eleventh.

Ok good. Let us do japa for a longer time, we thought. Around 11 AM, when inquiring a person who lives there, he explained how the Eka Mukhi Rudraksha came there. A spontaneous feeling of paying respect to that rose in me. Then I asked the doubt which I had in mind.

“If we have committed a sin knowingly, will Agastya Muni help?”

The answer he gave was so soothing. “Even if one has done the 5 most hideous sins (referred to as Pancha Maha Papa), Agastya has the motherly heart of forgiving, only 10 times more”.

While talking, I saw Lord Subramanya who is at a meditative posture and the moment I thought “O our Murugan, He is quiet without doing any mischievosness!” – the person whom I was talking to said “Today, the crowd is more”

“Looks like it will be dark before our reading”

“No no, the moment sun sets, Agastya Muni will say “Stop!” after which not even a line can be read!”. I became dumbstruck. By looking at the cold wind and the weather in that hill, it appeared as if the Sun might set right at 4 PM itself!

“When exactly does the sun set?”

“Anytime! Could be 4, 5 or even 6” – he said.

“So far, the reading is done only for 6!”

We c a n n o t do anything. It is His count. Humans cannot do anything. If sun sets, one has to just leave! We couldn’t get lucky, even they called out our names before! Without knowing this, we came slowly – all sorts of thought-bursts started. “O Muruga, please save me! – I began to chant the Kanda Sashti Kavacham for about 6 or 7 times, Hanuman Chalisa, Agastya Akhanda Japa – all these happened. Everyone was invited to have food. I could not go. I was greatly confused in mind. Around 2 PM, Swami Thangaraj came who appeared as the embodiment of peace. He asked “Had your food?”

“No” I replied.

“I am going for food, please do so too” – his words reflected a blissful silence!! Then Mataji took us to the dining hall and said “We will surely read Nãdi for you”. The mind was relieved a little. Then Japa, slokha and meditation continued. There were a few people and were with full of hope. One of them could not move his head. I felt a soft corner for him. Even our grievance is to be resolved, but the chances of his name to be called out was less. I went up to him and said “Do you want to go in before us?” He said “Let it be over for you first as you keep praying!!”

We all started chanting Adithya Hrudhayam by facing West, praying that everyone should be blessed with a reading. As a surprise, the sun did not set even after 6 PM!

They called us around 4.30 PM. One can have a darshan of the Eka Mukhi Rudraksha as soon as entering the room. I prostrated and sat in front of Guruji. I had written down my queries. Guruji asked my name, my
father’s name and asked if I have the questions.

“Quesions O Sir? I only have grievances.”

Thereafter what Guruji read off the Nãdi were only Answers, Reasons and Remedies! Who will have this much of mercy? Within ten minutes, Agastya Muni had become a Mother, Father, and Everyone! For that ten minutes, I totally forgot my bodily presence and felt like a leaf which afloats freely in air. It was as if a mother’s lullaby to her child in a cradle. He made me realize that all the suffering is only for the physical body! As and when he narrated my previous births, I forgot this present Janma (birth). The grievances was not grievances anymore! Even then He came as a rain-cloud of mercy. It felt as if the words that came out were more than enough, with which one can cross the ocean of birth.

Mataji writes down the reading in a notebook clearly and explains to us. Then they hand over the notebook to us. Even if the questions are same, two people cannot enter at the same time as the Nãdi will be read for one at a time. This is Agastya’s order. Then when explaining the reading, the others can be present. THEY DO NOT EXPECT ANY MONEY FOR THIS! But since they feed everyone who comes and does services, it is good to give around 500 Indian rupees. It is up to individuals to offer more, adding up good karma. Their request is that when there is a Guru Puja where a Yagna is conducted, one should be present and get the grace of Siddhas – this is the blessings of elders there.

Om Agatheesaya Namaha!

Note from GnanaBoomi Admin:

A number of people who came for the Nãdi reading said that they were asked to provide whatever they can, for the Yagna that takes place in December. This became a topic of discussion and eventually it turned to a comparison between what they experienced in Thanjavur with Shri Ganesan’s reading and here at Kallar. One of them said that the letters appear in Gold there with Late Shri Hanumathdasan and now with Shri Ganesan. The Mataji had told me that the letters scroll as and when read here.

Another person said, ‘Last time when I got the reading in Thanjavur, Gurunathar (Agastya Muni) had mentioned a few parihaar to be done and quoted that it is because of past karmic effects etc. I did complete them all but when I listened to Him here today, there wasn’t any mention about the past effects. I think that the parihaar what I did has taken care of it.

We could feel that the question of ‘Why does this information about Yagna is said to everyone and they are requested to do whatever they could for the ritual? Why this does not happen anywhere? The Sage does not compel anyone to donate money or even to perform the remedial measures He suggests! He just guides and leaves the decision to oneself. He has mentioned this in many a questions that the answers one get may differ at times, which depeneds on the individual’s fate, the time and his karmic effects. It is out of His mercy that the Agastya Muni goes out of the way to help people. It is the individual’s wish to donate anything they want or to do anything He suggests.

However, we took this question to none other than Mr. Karthikeyan, who writes the Sitthan Arul. His explanation made it very clear.

Why does everyone get a note about the Yagna that happens in December?
→ It is the Sage Agastya who mentions this to everyone to attend the yagna, where the Siddha-Purushas will be present in an invisible form and will bless those who attend and those who helped in whatever
means they could. This is told to everyone to get Their blessings! The Yagna is being conducted as per the instruction from Agastya Muni Himself!

Why doesn’t the letter appear in Gold as in other places? When they read it here at Kallar, the Guruji reads one palm leaf, flips and opens the second, and so on, where a video showing Shri Ganesan’s reading shows him reading it from a single leaf itself.
→ How the letter appears, how they read etc is not important. What is important is that it is Agastya Muni who answers. In case of late Shri Hanumathdasan, he sometimes closes the Nãdi, closes his eyes and
starts saying the clairvoyances! One has to focus on what the message is for them than how it is read.

What Siddha Agastya says is:

“With the thoughts turning inward, from a human perspective, even upon meeting a person who is holy, one should understand this clearly. Even if undergone many a spiritual experiences, this person is still entangled in Maya. Even he may have some bad karmic effects out of which, sometimes he may say a good reason, sometimes incorrect ones. So, every human, meeting a Gnani is not wrong, but if done so, one should think on his own and come to a conclusion. This is what We say at this juncture.”

And experience shows that the one who believes and surrenders to Agastya Muni, He never forsakes them, and never lets them go wrong!

Important update on Agastya Jeeva Nadi

The Jeeva Nadi reading has resumed as per the Grace of Siddha Agastya Muni.


It is with immense pleasure and gratitude that GnanaBoomi announces that Sage Agastya has agreed to resume providing guidance to those who seek (Nãdi) His grace through Jeeva Nãdi again. 

When The Grace of Siddha series started, many a readers requested the contact details of Jeeva Nãdi readers and thus far, the information was not available. It was due to the Maharshi Agastya’s instructions that the Jeeva Nãdi be kept under pooja so far. Now, He has kindly listened to all our prayers and has ordered the Nãdi be read again. Those who seek His guidance with a pure heart and true yearning, can obtain the same in The Agathiyar Gnana Peedham, Kallar. 

The contact information of the Ashram is that of Her Holiness Mataji at +91 98425 50987. At present, they have only 5 sessions for a month and it is done by prior appointments. Those who wants to read the Nãdi for themselves should be present in front of Guruji who reads the Nãdi. 

A few important points to note:

1. Please call up the number and speak to Mataji to fix up a time to get the Jeeva Nãdi reading and to obtain the directions to reach the place. The Guruji speaks English, if you are not familiar with Tamil.  

2. The Jeeva Nãdi is read on Saturdays mainly. But on Wednesdays, they do read the Nãdi for urgent needs.

3. The Guru Muni Agastya has kindly agreed to give His clairvoyance even on Saturdays that falls on a Ashtami, Navami days, where the Nãdi is not normally read.

4. Have your questions clearly written down. The Guruji asks for it before reading the Nãdi. This is to keep the questions running in his mind, to seek guidance from Agastya Muni. Avoid discussing your issues while waiting, to anyone. It is better to focus on Agastya Muni, do chanting or prayer and sit in silence. A satsang is good, but let it not turn in to a gossip session. It is a general recommendation to avoid disclosing your name, profession or why you have come here to anyone. You have come to get guidance from Agastya Muni. So request Him to guide you than disclosing personal information prior to the reading. 

5. The person to whom the Nãdi is to be read, must be present in the divine altar and others are not permitted. Speak to HH Mataji for further clarifications or updates about the same.

6. Be generous in your contributions. Though they do not charge for Jeeva Nãdi reading, they do accept the donations for feeding a group of poor children, their education etc.

7. Last but not least, have a yearning and a true seeking mind. DO NOT try to validate or test the Nãdi revelations. This is not a labaratory but a place of spiritual solace.

Jeeva Nãdi reading at Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Agastya Muni has instructed the Nãdi be kept in pooja at Thanjavur and kindly agreed to resume reading from June 2014. You may contact Shri Ganesan through this mail address – arut.kudil at (no space in between, replace the word at with the @ symbol). His phone number is +91 9443421627, which remains switched off most of the times as he may be busy. We have heard that his phone remains on on Mondays. He responds to email queries however. 


1) In any place, it is a general recommendation NOT to reveal your personal identity before the Nãdi reading is done. This is particularly important because, the Agastya Muni has clearly mentioned that what comes out of reading has its effect on the Karma of the person and even the Karma of the reader. So, have faith but remain silent about your identity till the Nãdi reading is done. 

2) has NO affiliations or direct involvement in any of the above places regarding Jeeva Nãdi reading. We are merely updating these information as it may come helpful to those who seek His guidance and we have NO direct or indirect association with the places above. 


We sincerely thank Sage Agathiyar for His continuous grace upon us. 

Om Agatheesaya Nama: