The GOS 229- Perumal & Adiyen 30 – Bala Hanuman

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“You need to go across the river right? My coracle is on its way. Get on board, I shall take you across safely.” – said an old man.

“When will it come? I don’t see any coracle coming nearby?”

“Just a moment. It will be here, bear with me.” – the old man was humble. A few minutes passed by. Four men came along with a coracle on their head.

“There is a small hole in it. I shall fix it in no minute. Then it will be ready.” – said one of them. Kesari could not say anything. It is better for me and Hanuman to escape from this place. Let us worry about Anjana later, he thought. He could not think of anything else, including what he will feed if the infant Hanuman gets hungry. When the coracle got ready, he asked:

“Should I climb up alone or can the horse get on it too?”

“Both can.”

“Nothing to worry right?”


“I am just asking as you said there was a hole in it that needs fixing. The flood is raging too.”

“You are a king with enough army and mental strength. If you get scared of this yourself, how’s that?” – the coracle man was sarcastic. Though Kesari did not like this talk, he kept quiet thinking of the task at hand. In a while, the huge horse somehow got in to the coracle. Kesari sat in it with Hanuman who was wrapped in a silk cloth and was kept inside a carrying box (without a cover of course).

The coracle went on its way in the river. Half way through Kesari felt a chilling feeling in his foot. There was a small hole through which water was getting inside. He got scared so much. He shouted at the old man to turn the coracle to the banks.

“We are half way through. We cannot go that way as its too windy. Just bear with me for a while, we can reach the other side quicker.” – said the old man without even looking at Kesari’s face.

“Oh man! There is a hole in this coracle.”

“Do not worry. I shall take you across safely. Just be seated as the horse is freaking out. Please try to control it.”

Kesari was worried, how is he going to take Hanuman across this raging river? This coracle man is not going to listen. Let whatever happen be the will of the Three Eyed Lord, he thought. As he saw Hanuman feeling hungry, he tried to give him the cow’s milk he had taken along. But Hanuman did not want the milk but his mother Anjana. He began to cry loudly and was not able to be controlled no matter what Kesari tried. Kesari was tired. As it happened, the hole became bigger and the coracle began to drown. The horse freaked out like never before and Hanuman was not to be controlled either. He cried aloud surrendering totally to the Lord saying: “O my Lord Venkatava! Only you can save us!”

That happened then, only after Kesari surrendered completely. Someone lifted Bala Hanuman in their hands. The hole got closed by itself. The water disappeared. Someone was seen consoling the horse as well by tapping it. Miraculously enough, the raging flood disappeared along with the coracle man. The coracle was smoothly floating like a boat. Kesari was shocked seeing all these. He first thought that the old man was washed away in the flood. Then a divine voice was heard from the North-Eastern corner:

“Kesari! Don’t be surprised. Your child is safe in my hands. It was me who came as the coracle man and it was me who fixed the hole in it. I wanted to give a small shock treatment to your wrong decisions. You were not able to console a crying child for a brief period of time. How is it fair to take him away from his mother and Tirumala, did you think you can raise him yourself?” – asked Venkatava.

Kesari was quiet for a while:

“Please forgive me. We both shall return to Tirumala.” – Bala Hanuman was seen laughing and smiling.

“It is a sin to separate the child from its mother. But as this child is of a divine nature, it is not an issue to give him as adoption. This child is an avatar of Lord Mahadeva Himself. That Three Eyed Lord wanted to be at Tirumala Himself. This child is going to give a mighty protection to the king of Ayodhya, Sri Rama. Not just that. He will live as a Brahmachari and will help the people in many ways.

His fame will spread in all eight directions. He will appear in the Krishnavatar which will come after Ramavatar. As the Kali’s atrocities will appear, Venkata avatar had to happen.”

Kesari did not understand anything. He was thinking, this child is given as adoption anyway. There is not going to be another child for me as Anjana wanted to stay in Tirumala to serve the Lord. It is better if I become a Sannyasin, Kesari decided. Anjana questioned his decision for which he said, “You are aware of this already, then why do you question? There isn’t many children for us. The only one we had, we gave it for adoption. You are going to stay in Tirumala for serving the Lord. I cannot stay here as I don’t like this place, Venkatava or Vayu.”

Anjana suggested Kesari that he should marry another woman and through her, he can get another son to succeed his throne. He did not expect this from Anjana. He explained to her that he does not have such a thought but he would love if Anjana comes with him to be his queen. Anjana declined. She said it was enough for her to have this one child who is of divine nature.

Kesari was upset with her decision and he began to leave the place at once. Anjana wasn’t able to bear it. She thought, “O Lord! You gave me this life. Please make my husband understand.”

The Lord smiled and appeared before her. “Anjana, do not worry. He will come back and live with you. You do not have to serve me any longer but be his queen.”

“Thank you my Lord.”

“Please raise Hanuman as your own for some more time. But do not show him too much of love.”

Hanuman’s naughtiness was unbearable for others around but everyone liked him. Kesari was not able to live alone for long. He kept sending messengers to both the wife and son. One day when he was doing his pooja, he saw the sky becoming dark all of a sudden. As it was a summer, he was surprised to see the sky becoming darker. As he looked up, he could see a small boy floating in the sky. Before he could make sense of what was happening, the boy was slapped on his cheek, began to fall down and was caught by Surya Deva. He kept the unconscious boy in Anjana’s ashram.

Surya was telling the devas and other rishis in Tirumala:

“As he came to catch hold of me, I slapped him slightly as the world will become dark if he does so. I was wondering how he got the power to fly. I think it is due to Vayu.”

Kesari realized that it was his son. He could not live in his place any longer and he came back to Tirumala. The Lord was pleased to see the family reunited.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 228- Perumal & Adiyen 29 – Naming of Anjanadhri!

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!

Though Kesari was happy that the Lord himself named their son as Hanuman, he did not like the idea of adopting their son to Vayu completely. He lamented about this to Anjana. She said that the Lord will take care of everything and that she was not convinced about the adoption either.

“You could have spoken to Lord Venkatava and got the child back, but somehow you kept silent. We went through a number of ordeals and are in a situation where we lost our child.”

“O Kesari, my beloved! It wasn’t just me who kept quiet. We both were speechless before the Lord. Even you could have tried getting our child back, but we couldn’t.”

“Anjana, can we speak to the Lord once again to get our child back?”

“O Lord. Hanuman is our child. He will be raised by us. Vayu will visit him often to bestow the knowledge and power as agreed. Why are you worrying? It won’t be nice to go back to Lord Narayana again with such a query.”

Kesari could not speak further. It was saddening for Anjana to see Kesari struggling not able to be without the child. Anjana tried consoling him with a thought that the Lord wanted to show them that nothing is permanent in this world. The next day, she went to have the darshan of the Lord alone as Kesari was not willing to join. The Lord asked Anjana affectionately:

“Is there any confusion? Why didn’t Kesari come along?”

“He would. He doesn’t feel well.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s all about our child O Lord.”

“He doesn’t want to give his child for adoption right?”

“Yes. He nodded before you at first but he is not able to bear that thought. He hasn’t slept the whole night.”

“Then let me call Vayu. We shall discuss it straight through.”

“O Lord. Please do not test us any further. Let things happen as per your divine will.”

“O Anjana. Your mind has reached the state of maturity. No one will be ready to give a newborn child as an adoption. You have a divinity within you, hence you were able to accept what I suggested. But Kesari may not have reached that state.”

“I shall manage him. He doesn’t want to stay here in Tirumala any longer. He wants to leave right away. Please allow us.”

“Very well then. But there is going to be a big yagna and Namakarana in this Tirumala. Then you can return to your kingdom with Hanuman.”

“Your wish is my command. But it is difficult to persuade Kesari.”

“Let me take care of him. But you haven’t asked why this Namakarana and Yagna for?” – the Lord smiled.

“You did severe tapasya in this place. Hence this place will be called after you and will remain even if there is Pralaya happening in the Earth.”

“In my name?”

“Yes. This place where you lived will henceforth be called as Anjanadhri.”

“I am pleased my Lord.”

“There is a question though.”

“If I name this place after you, will Kesari have any objection? Can you check with him?”

“What play is this O Kesava. Why wouldn’t he agree when You say so?”

“Nevertheless, you and Kesari are different. You came forward for the adoption but he didn’t. Now if this naming is going to be after yours, how can he accept his name be left out?”

“He hasn’t done anything against my will my Lord.”

“But he feels otherwise in case of Hanuman.”

“Your play is known only to you. Why do you want to separate us?” – Anjana asked amidst tears.

“No, it isn’t me. Your husband wants to do so.”

“No my Lord. It is true that he was concerned about this adoption. But he wouldn’t go against your words or my wish.”

“Anjana. Go back and see if Kesari is there. Bring him if he is around.” – Anjana left the place at once for she knew that the Lord wouldn’t say so if something hadn’t happened. Just as she feared, Kesari was not to be found and Hanuman was missing too! She searched everywhere but no avail. She went back to the Lord with tears.

“Anjana, did Kesari agree to have this hill named after you?”

“Swami, please do not test me any further. Please let me join my husband and child.” – she began to cry.

“While we were talking, Kesari took Hanuman and went downhill. He is now nearing the banks of Koneri. Tell me now, am I the one who separated you both?”

Kesari was not willing to give the child for adoption. So he took Hanuman in the early hours of morning and came down. When he reached the banks of Koneri, he found that the river was flooding. He must cross the river but there is no boat or anything available around. He cannot take the horse in this raging flood plus Hanuman must be protected. He did not want to go back to Tirumala either. He was in a dilemma now for it wasn’t sure when the flood will come down or should he go back to TIrumala.

The GOS 227- Perumal & Adiyen 28 – Anjaneya for Anjana

The Grace of Siddha series can be read here.

The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!

When testing phase comes again and again, the devotion rises up. The Lord incarnates himself out of mercy. This is a repetitive miracle right from the days of yore. The Lord appeared as Venkatava and blesses people in spite of the hardships given by Kali. He tried Anjana not to visit Tirumala but was not successful this time either. She got conceived after a long time on a Full Moon day of Panguni month.

When Kesari was worried about the delivery, the Lord assured him that His consort Goddess Lakshmi Devi will assist Anjana herself along with Saraswathi and Parvathi assisting her. Kesari was speechless.

“This son of yours will rule the world in his own way. There will be none to quote an example for devotion other than him. Not just that, no one can defeat him either. He is a parakramasali.” – blessed the Lord. When Kesari mentioned this to Anjana, she felt happy but she was worried about something.

“Whatever be it, I cannot imagine giving my child as an adoption to someone else.”

“What are you talking about Anjana?”

“We came here seeking an offfspring, right?”


“The Lord blessed us with one..”


“Then how can one come forward to give such a child as an adoption to the Wind God Vayu?”

“What happened to you Anjana?” – as Kesari wasn’t aware of the vision, he was taken aback. Anjana mentioned about the vision then.

“Ah! You must be mad. Everyone gets similar visions everyday. If we give importance to these, we cannot live peacefully. We have the Lord by our side. He will take care of everything.” – Kesari tried consoling her. She did feel better.

As the days pass by, Anjana wanted to have the ritual of Seemandham, to ensure long and healthy life for the child. Tirumala didn’t have the facilities and her relatives were living far away. She prayed to the Lord expressing this wish. The all merciful Lord said:

“Purattasi month will have a lot of Rishi Muni, Devas visiting here to have my darshan. I shall ensure that the Seemandham and Valai Kaappu happens, ok?”

(Valai Kaappu is a ritual where the pregnant woman is given a long of bangles to wear after a specific time period of her pregnancy which she continues to do so, believed to have beneficial efffect on the child in womb)

Anjana was speechless this time. The Lord asked what she was thinking.

“Nothing my Lord. I have surrendered everything at your holy feet. But an unknown fear casts me as the time of delivery comes closer. I am afraid if Kali will trouble me somehow.”

“The brave Anjana is scared, in spite of all the assurances given is it?”

“O Lord, it is the nature of a woman to think about a lot of things and worry. Please do not mind.” – she fell at His feet.

The Purattasi month came and Tirumala was in festival mood again. As the Lord said, the Valai Kaapu and Seemandham for Anjana happened in full grandeur at Tirumala with many visiting from all three worlds. As this was the first of its kind, Kesari-Anjana couple got the fame of having this ceremony conducted at Tirumala first. Once the festivities got over, Lakshmi Devi took utmost care of Anjana. Lord Dhanwantri gave the herbs and medicines for the delivery himself.

During the month of Margazhi in Moola star, Anjana gave birth to a beautiful male child. The Goddesses of the holy trinity expressed their love by affectionately kissing the child. It was one of its kind where the three great Goddesses kissed and cuddled a baby at the same time. The child bathed in bliss and love. Upon witnessing, they found the attributes of Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara were present in it.

While Anjana was very happy about everything, she kept worrying whether this child will remain with her for a long time. Kesari felt that they should return to their places as its long since they started living here. Anjana wanted to get the consent of the Lord.

“The woman who visited her mother’s house for delivery should stay there at least for three full moon day. Why hurry?” – the Lord said with a meaning. The couple decided so as well and then that miracle happened.

When they were discussing all these, Lord Vayu appeared there, paid his respect to the Lord who blessed him.

“I came with a request to you, Anjana and Kesari. Please have mercy on me.” – said Vayu.

“Vayu had never got any request for me. Ask what you want.”

“You are the Lord who gives without asking. You know precisely what I want. But…”

“But what?”

“This is a matter concerning this couple. Hence I have to think well before I speak.”

Kesari said that he will offer anything that Vayu might ask. Anjana agreed to the same. Vayu said:

“This holy child of Anjana, I want to adopt him in front of the Lord and raise him as my own son.”

Anjana was shocked. She took the child inside the ashram at once as she could not stand there anymore. Kesari could not say or do anything. He stood there speechless. The Lord asked Vayu slowly:

“Why is this desire Vayu?”

“I somehow felt that I should raise this child my Lord. A divine voice said that this child will rule the entire universe and do marvellous things. It also said that Anjana will refuse this request first and then will happily give it over. The voice said that I should raise this child as my own son, for the past three days. Hence I came here. Please show me a way.” – Vayu fell at the Lord’s feet.

“Please do not separate our child from us in the name of divine voice, O Vayu.” – Kesari pleaded.

“I did not come here to separate. This was an order given by Lord Brahma. You might have got a dream three days back right?”

“Even if Lord Brahma appears in front of us, we are not ready to give our child for adoption.” – said Kesari.

“It is not an adoption dear Kesari. I do not intend to do the ritualistic way of changing his Gothra after doing the religious ceremonies. This child will be raised by me for some time. He will grow in your mighty presence for sometime. In the future, he will be called Vayu-Putra.”

“You said adoption first. Now you are saying that we should raise the child at allotted time period. Is this like a trade with the newborn child?” – Kesari expressed his frustration.

Anjana came out after placing the child safely inside and pleaded to the Lord if it was fair in Vayu asking thus. The Lord said:

“Anjana, this son is and will be yours. He will be called as Anjani Putra at all times. But just like how in a big family, someone will not have an offspring where they would want to cuddle and love a child born to another family member. Vayu’s desire is of that kind. What is wrong in it?”

“It is of no issue if he wants to express his love to the child. But why is he asking for adoption?”

“Fair enough..”

“O Lord. I have a slightly different thought. This child of Anjana is a divine one. I want to give all my powers to him. Not just mine, but I want to give all the powers of all five elements and make him the Deva of Devas.” – said Vayu.

“Good thought, I am very pleased to hear it.”

“Please bless me. If this child is raised by Anjana, it wil grow only as a normal child.”

The Lord nodded.

“Hence I came here with all 5 elements. Please bless me.”

“Kesari, what is your opinion?” – asked the Lord.

“I won’t give my child for adoption.”


“Vayu can however visit my child whenever he wants. If he wants to bestow his powers and that of the five elements, let him do so in front of my eyes.”


“My child should not get any disgrace in the name of Vayu or because of Vayu.”

“Never. I promise.” – assured Vayu.

“What do you say, Anjana?” – asked the Lord with a smile.

“O Kesava. You never move a single thing without a reason. All I can see is your play. Our role is just to play our part right? I agree to what my husband said but I am worried that something is going to happen.”

“Anjana, do not worry. I shall take care of everything. By the way, what have you named your child?”

“I haven’t. Please choose a name for this child yourself.”

“Can we call him Hanuman?”

“Very happy. Let him be called so.” – said the couple happily.

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 226 – Perumal & Adiyen 27 – The Lord clarifies Anjana

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!

When Anjana woke up, she wanted to believe all that she saw was a dream. Hence she did not speak to anyone about it. Her husband thought that she fell down because of tiredness. He comforted her and they set forth to Tirumala. They reached Garudathri, named after Garuda and made a tent to stay. The natural surrounding took their attention completely for they haven’t seen such a beauty before.

A gentle breeze, the flowers that spread fragrance in all directions. Krishna-Thulasi, the plant whose leaves are used for Venkatava. Waterfalls appearing like a silver line, constantly falling down with a steady pace, huge trees as if holding an umbrella against the heat. The murmuring of bees, animals such as deer and rabbits with white peacock, grass that look fresh green on top of which dew appearing like pearls. The clouds up there in the sky coming down to bow down to Tirumala and touch it.

The couple thought that they should just stay here for the rest of their lives, even if they are not blessed with a child. Such a natural, serene environment with Tirumala on top, a small hut to live. What else does one need, they both thought. The Lord blessed the couple who came up thinking of Him, surrendering to Him.

The couple should be doing severe penance for one and a half years. They should consume one fruit given by the Lord for a day. She will become pregnant only after one and a half years. The couple readily accepted these conditions. They even tied a holy thread with a resolve and to pray that the penance should succeed without any obstacles. Then on a Chathurthi day on a growing moon, during Ashwini star on a Shubha Horai, they began their penance after obtaining the blessings of Guru Bhagawan. Lord Venkatava Himself gave them both a pommegranate fruit before they started. The couple’s joy knew no bounds, thinking that the Lord Himself has given them the fruit.

Anjana was completely determined in her penance. But Kesari, her husband wasn’t. It might be said that he did not make use of the multiple opportunities given. One and a half years passed somehow. Anjana completed her penance and looked at her husband. She saw Kesari hunting the rabbits, she felt very sad. She resented that he had not followed the Lord’s instructions.

Kesari replied aloud, “Vigils and penance are for ladies. Not for brave men like me who killed a wild elephant all alone.”

“What happened to you? You were so supportive and were talking so softly till yesterday. Shouldn’t we get our child only for which we came here? Why are you acting different?” – pleaded Anjana.

“You are a crazy woman. You are going to give birth to a child. Why should I suffer?”

Anjana cried within thinking deeply. Is this Kali’s play again? Has he changed my husband’s mind? Is the Lord aware of this? Why is He keeping silent? What sort of a test is this? She kept thinking while a voice was heard only to her:

“Anjana! Do not worry. Your wish will be fulfilled. The son who will born to you is not ordinary. He will be praised by all three worlds. Your husband is not interested in a family life now. He is neither interested in chanting divine names. There is a reason for these, I shall explain to you later.

You felt unconscious on seeing a vision remember? What you saw will happen. The child born to you and Kesari will be given as adoption to Vayu by Kesari himself. This is as per law, fate. None can change it. By being Kesari’s son, this boy cannot do all those miracles. He has to fly and do things which are even hard to imagine. Vayu’s help will be assisting here. This son will be called as ‘Anjana’s Putra’ in all three worlds.

Don’t persuade Kesari. He will give you a son and will do to Himalayas to perform tapasya. He then will be called as Kesari Siddha. The son born to you will protect you, be with you always.” – the voice said.

Anjana could not understand what was happening. Should she feel happy about the son who will born to her or should she go along with Kesari to perform tapasya after their son is adopted to Vayu?”

Venkatava appeared before Anjana while she was thinking these. She fell at His feet.

“What do you want Anjana?”

“O Lord who gives everything that is asked for! I need a son and I also wish my husband stay with me. Please bless me for both.”


“We should chant your divine name by staying here in this holy place till the rest of our lives and reach your holy feet.”


“I wish to bear your holy feet with both my hands all the time. Bless me please with these.”

“Let it all be. Where is your husband?”

“He was right here. But Lord, you are the all knower. Can’t you find him?”

“Anjana, see there! He was hunting rabbits a while back. Now he is in deep meditation.”

“That’s good. Let him continue doing meditation.”

“No Anjana, he spoke rationalism a while back.”


“He said it is your fate to give birth to a child.”


“I asked him to do tapasya here. But he didn’t.”


“Seeing all these, what do you think?”

“I think he is mentally unstable.”

“Perfectly said. Not just in this birth, your husband Kesari was a bit insane in his previous birth as well.”

“O Lord. He killed a wild elephant all alone with just a spear. Isn’t it bravery? My father was impressed by that act and got me married to him.”

“It is true as well.”

“Then what about my future O Kesava!”

“Do not worry. I will take care of your son and yourself. Kesari will go to Himalayas after giving you a son. You will follow your husband after some time.”

“My son?”

“Vayu will adopt him as his own. I will have an eye on him too. Are you happy?”

“O Lord, but You haven’t answered to my wishes earlier?”

“Time will answer them.” – replied the Lord. Anjana thought she might fall down unconscious again.

~ to be continued…!

Featured image courtesy: Ghumakkar. There is an interesting article in the link about the birth place of Hanuman.

There is a valid question posted by Pruthviraj on the time of birth of Hanuman, which happens during Treta Yuga where Kali’s presence is not yet started. How come then Kali tries to interfere in this? Pretty valid indeed. While we try to get the answer from the original post’s author, we can only say that it is a narration of what is told by Agastya Muni. Stay tuned, as always 🙂

The GOS 225 – Perumal & Adiyen 26 – Kali’s plot against Anjana

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!

Anjana and her husband reached Tirumala in the night. Since the horses were tired too, they made them take some rest in a nearby small town, gave them water. Then they let them graze nearby. One of the horses did not go anywhere so they cut some grass and hanged it as a pile in a nearby tree. The soldiers began to watch them for the night whilst a tent was arranged for them to take rest.

When it was midnight, Kali came to the place. He knew Anjana. He also knew that the son from Anjana is going to take over the entire world. He knew that Venkatava will bless them for a child, whose name will be Hanuman. If Hanuman is born, Venkatava’s glory will spread all the worlds, thereby hindering every activity he is planning to do. He therefore decided that they should not have the darshan of Lord Narayana. He thought of various means and then decided that he will appear as Venkatava himself and drive them back. He did not waste any time in taking action. He stood as Him, before Anjana couple.

Anjana’s joy did not know any bounds. They fell at His feet saying, “It is our blessing that you appeared before us yourself.”

“What do you want? Tell me and I shall fix it.” – said Kali, in disguise of the Lord.

“We are yearning for a child as you know Lord.”

“That’s all right? Are you going all the way to Tirumala for this simple request? You don’t have to go there to have my darshan. I have given it to you right here and am blessing you for a child as well. But…” – dragged Kali.

“What Swami?” – Anjana was worried.

“Putra-Kameshti yagna should be done for two years, that too by Narada and Brahma. They won’t accept this that easily. That’s the problem.” – said Kali.

“Venkatava himself says this? The moment you blessed us with your words, we think that we are indeed blessed with a child. Why then a yagna, that too with the help of Narada and Brahma. I don’t quite understand.” – said Anjana’s husband.

“Fair enough. Let it not be Narada or Brahma. Let it be done on a Ashtami day with the help of Badra Kaali.”

“What?!” – screamed the couple at the same time.

“Are we talking to Venkatava himself? We never heard of a Putra Kameshti yagna done by Kaali Devi? How come Tirumaal say such a word?” – Anjana asked, terrified.

Kali did not expect this question.

“Alright alright. There need not be a yagna done with Badra Kaali. You don’t have to go to Tirumala. Just pray from here. The Kali Purusha himself will bestow all the blessings you need. Is it enough?” – asked Kali who was still disguising as the Lord Himself.

Anjana felt the conversation to be irrelevant and she infact started suspecting the form which stood before them. She began to pray earnestly to the Lord.

“O Paranthama! I came here seeking your blessings. Please do not test me and my husband now. Please bless me with a son.” – she went deep in to her prayers, sincerely. Won’t the Lord hear it? He did, and understood that Kali is in to something. The next moment…

A circle of fire surrounded the couple with a divine voice…

“O Anjana couple! Fear not! This is the play of Kali. He is distracting you in my form. Do not trust his words. Me and my Sudarshana Chakra will take care of him.”

The moment they heard it, they were prepared for the next set of action. Within then, the circle of fire surrounded the tent, the soldiers and the horses. Kali was exposed. He ran away.

“Thank God! We are saved.” – said Anjana. They became grateful on the mercy shown by the Lord. They both chanted “Venkatanatha Govinda” right from the bottom of their hearts.

“Kali won’t come near you. Your Tirumala pilgrimage will be successful. Due to your past lives’ merits, a beautiful male child will be born to you.” – the divine voice said again.

“If such a child is born, then let it be called as your own child O Lord, though he will be called as the son of Anjana. Let him grow in your holy feet.” – Anaja said pleasingly. Though Anjana’s husband did not like it much, he got angry in fact. He moved from that place at once. Anjana was grateful as to what she said only to find her husband missing. She asked the soldiers to look for them. When they couldn’t find him either, she began to pray to the Lord again who said:

“Do not worry. He won’t leave you. But he is upset about the promise you made for he wanted to raise the boy himself and not as Venkatava’s son. Now Vayu is consoling him near the stream. Go there and bring your husband here.” – the Lord showed her the way. A vision she saw there gave her goose bumps.

Varuna, Vayu, 18 Siddhas, The Holy Trinity all were seated where her husband was giving a male child to Vayu with Agni as the shakshi (agni is considered a witness in any holy practices in Sanatana Dharma. Hence the term ‘agni-shakshi’) as if giving an adoption.

She could not believe this vision whether it is true or not. She touched her belly to see if she feels anything. As this vision continued to appear within her mind again and again, Anjana thought, I haven’t even got pregnant, how is my husband giving a child as adoption, she thought and fell down unconscious.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 222 – Perumal & Adiyen 22 – The ritual of naming one of the hills with Garuda’s name

The Grace of Siddha series can be read here.

The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!

Agastya began to address those who assembled and were eagerly waiting to know about the ‘conversation’ happened between him and the Lord.

“O Maha Muni, the foremost of all Siddhas! Please convey the message to these people here” – said Sriman Narayana. Agastya began:

“Through the grace of Lord Venkatava in Tirumala, a few things are to be carried out immediately as per His orders. In this punya-kshethra, the Lord who has taken the avatar of Srinivasa to subdue Kali’s atrocities and to bless all creations, has decided to honor Garuda who has been serving Him for yugas. He would like to name one of the hills in the name of Garuda, which is the wish of Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and Deva Rishi Narada as well. This hill will henceforth be called as Garudathri! This auspicious function will happen in a few seconds from now. The Lord has invited you all to partake in it. In continuance to this naming ceremony, grand festivals will happen for the next ten days. Those who will partake in the naming ceremony and the festival for the next ten days will be blessed by Lord Venkatava. I convey this message as per the orders of the Lord.” – said Agastya Muni.

The moment Agastya paused his speech, the sound of clapping hands reached the sky. Everyone bowed down to Lord Narayana. Agastya continued…

“Do you know? Venkatanath will not hurt anyone. In this life which is full of ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, if one surrenders to the Lord with all their heart, He will make their lives better. Those who are here listening to this, I request you to convey this to all those rishi-munis, thavasis, siddhas, bhaktas, everyone so they all can be benefitted by partaking this naming ceremony and festivals.”

The clapping reverberated again to the skies as soon as He paused. Agastya bowed down to Narayana Swamy: “Thanks for blessing me to have this task completed.”

Lord Narayana came forward and embraced Garuda, made him sit on a suitable seat and looked at the munivars around and smiled. They started chanting the vedas as soon as He smiled while Lord Narayana named the hill as Garudathri. Then He blessed those around by raising both His hands. It was an wonderful sight. Then He looked at Agastya and nodded whereupon the foremost Siddha requested everyone to convey the message of “Garudothsava” happening for ten days at Tirumala.

This message reached Adi Sesha as well.

“There is a ceremony praising Garuda, that too for ten days. Everyone from the earth and skies are going to attend it.” – this shaked Sesha very much. He began to worry if he has committed a mistake or that Shanishwara is taking him in a wrong direction. He could not even speak. Shani was worried too, but he could not afford Sesha leaving him. So he came closer and embraced Sesha and began to speak.

“Sesha! It is expected that such things would happen. It is all Narayana’s plot to have you and me separated. Don’t get distracted with all these. This Garuda has cheated you by playing games both sides. You are not like him. You give priority to dignity. Do not worry.”

“I could not bear this, Vishnu is actually insulting me by praising Garuda. He is ruling this place by sitting on me, and He has named my second head in the name of Garuda. How fair is it? Has he ever respected Garuda before?” – said Sesha.

“Alright. What are you going to do about it?”

“Brother! I came here in complete trust. You have to help me. I cannot think straight.” – said Sesha.

“Sesha! Only now we should not lose hope. We have been giving tests to others but this is our testing time and none other than Venkatava is testing us.”

“I understand it completely and I know it already. What is the use in telling me something which I know already? Tell me what we can do.”

“Why are you gasping like this Sesha? I cannot plot anything at this stage. Let us go to Deva Loka and have a hearty drink.”

“What?! Drink?! I haven’t even dreamt of such a thing before. Should I even do this?” – Sesha was furious.

“What’s wrong in it? Only these drinks will encourage us to do what we are about to do. You probably aren’t aware of it.”

“No Swamy, no please! Please do not get me addicted to such habits. If you want, please feel free.”

“You Sesha! You don’t know how to enjoy yourself. I am not going there without you. But we have to stop this festival somehow.”

Sesha was startled at the ferocious tone Shani said this. Kali entered the place right at that time and he appeared happy.

“You have come at the right time Kali.” – said Shani.

“When have I entered in the wrong time?” – laughed Kali, seated next to them.

“I know everything. I have made arrangements to stop that ceremony. First of all, I mixed poison in all the waters of the earth thereby preventing those from Earth attending this festival.”

“Very well done!”

“Then I blocked the pathway with huge rocks so no one can climb up Tirumala.”

“Very good, very good!”

“Third, I have spread deadly thorns on top of the rocks and around so no one crosses them. But I could not do just one thing which I thought of getting done through Sesha. So I hastily came here.”

“What should Sesha do?”

“He should make a whole lot of serpents slither around. Their hissing should mix in the air causing giddiness to even those away from 100 Kadha distance.” – said Kali.

Sesha was righteous as always, though he was affected by the recent happenings. He said: “How unfair is it? The conflict is between us and Venkatava. Why should innocent Gnani’s, people should get affected? This is not as per Dharma.”

Kali and Shani did not expect this at all. There was a brief silence.

“Sesha, are you talking with your senses? Think well. Even I don’t have any conflicts or peace with Tirumalaivasa. I am doing this for your welfare. Think about it.” – said Kali.

“Sesha, if you do not like these arrangements, go at once to Narayana’s side. But if they insult you there and drive you away, do not return here. That’s all I would say!” – Shani tried scaring Sesha. Sesha felt it is better to remain with them than going to Narayana and potentially getting insulted. He agreed to the plan. The next second…

Thousands of poisonous snakes started slithering around Tirumala. As they could fly, they flew here and there and spat poison. The rishi-muni’s staying at the base of Koneri could see these numerous snakes flying around. The poisonous air they spread started making people feel giddy and fell unconscious. The rishi-muni found the source of these poisonous air and started performing yagnas to prevent them from spreading. The snakes found these and started attacking them. Shani and Kali enjoyed looking at this but Sesha felt an unknown fear surrounding him.

Right then, something wondrous happened in the sky which terrified Kali and Shani!

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~ to be continued…!

The GOS 218 – Perumal & Adiyen 18 – Meeting of Garuda and Sesha!

The Grace of Siddha series can be read here.

The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


Though the Jaya Vijaya’s (the guards of Vishnu Loka) were shocked at what Garuda said, Lord Narayana seldom bothered. In fact, He mercifully thought: “Pity on Garuda, he spoke all that under the influence of Shani. He is my vehicle. More so, he is like my mother. I should help him get rid of Shani’s clutches.”

Everyone were shocked at Garuda’s change of behavior, never once has he done anything like this! Adi-Sesha, the serpent where Vishnu lies came to Narayana: “O Lord, a small request.”

“What is it Sesha?”

“If you approve, I shall talk to Garuda and bring him back to you.”

“Sesha! The world thinks that you are in the control of Garuda. But out of magnanimity, you are trying to convince Garuda to be back. Isn’t it strange?”

“O Lord. What is strange is Garuda’s behavior. I have been friendly with Garuda all these days. Being away from him will be strange too.”

“Sesha! I lie down in your body. You provide shade to me as an umbrella. Garuda carries me everywhere. Though the world looks at the Garuda and Snakes as enemies, you both are like my eyes. It is a great loss to me if I lose either of you. But do you know? It is all because of the play of Kali Purusha, accompanied by Shani.”

“Is it so?”

“Yes. The plan is, Garuda should be separated from me. Then you will naturally go away from me. Then the world should come under your control with poisonous things affecting everyone. People will then forget being devoted. All these are Kali’s plan.”

“Unfair! I am your servant Swami! I won’t allow such a thing to happen. Just wink as you approve, I shall swallow that Kali!”

“Looks like Shani has possessed you as well, Sesha. You were quiet all the while, now you are ferocious in front of me. Be patient. If you go and meet Garuda right away, he will doubt.”

“Let him suspect..?”

“No. He is very angry now. If you go now, he will assume that I sent you to hold him captive and he may attack you.”

“I am fine with it O Lord! I think Garuda may not behave that way either.”

“Wait for a while Sesha. Garuda himself will come back.”

Sesha was not convinced. Without the Lord’s approval, he went ahead to meet Garuda in disguise.

On this side on a river bank, Garuda was seated on a rock. He was restless, frustrated and confused. Frustration because the guards did not let him see the Lord, restless because of what he told them and confused as to why his wife behaved strangely. He genuinely felt bad on what he has spoken to the guards, ‘I think I said those words hastily’ he thought. He then saw Adi-Sesha in front of him suddenly. Both of them embraced each other fondly with tears of joy flowing in each other’s eyes.

AdiSesha’s eyes looked in to Garuda’s as if asking, ‘is it right for you to leave the Lord like this?’ – Garuda read Sesha’s mind and he replied: “Am I the one who quit? It is just the fate which made me speak so.”

“That’s alright. Let’s not complicate it further. Let us go and meet the Lord together.” – said Sesha.

“How will I face Him? I spoke ill words. Though He is all merciful to forgive me, I won’t forgive myself.” – Garuda said.

“It happens my friend. It is all due to Shani and Kali. We are dancing to their tunes without knowing. Let us surrender to the Lord, He will take care of the rest.”

“Only if I had thought this before, such a condition would not have happened.” – Garuda felt sorry genuinely.

“You rightly said my friend. It’s fate which none can escape. We are the guides for humans but we ourselves slip sometimes. Let us not worry about it anymore and go straight to Tirumala.”

AdiSesha held Garuda’s hands with love and affection and started proceeding towards Tirumala. At the entrance of Tirumala…Kali and Shani were waiting. They had heard about the incident at the Lord’s gate. Kali was very happy that his plans are going as per his thought. Garuda won’t meet Venkatava, he thought. But just in case if Garuda comes back, he wanted to ensure that he can persuade him.

On meeting Shani and Kali, Garuda and AdiSesha paid their respect by bowing to Shani who blessed them from the bottom of his heart, “Sarva Mangala Prapthirastu”. AdiSesha felt very happy as it is a good omen for Shani seldom blesses in this way. To get his blessing in front of Tirumala itself, they felt very happy. This time, the guards did not stop them from entering in.

“Dear Garuda, is your anger quenched now?” – the Lord asked in a compassionate voice.

“Please forgive me my Lord. I spoke all evil.” – Garuda fell at His feet.

“What’s the need to forgive? You haven’t done anything. You have been the same, you served me then at my feet, you are at my feet now. I only have tested you.”

“You haven’t done any test my Lord. It is all the game of Shani and Kali Purusha right?” – Adisesha was surprised.

“No. I stopped Garuda from entering my gate saying that he is possessed by Shani and I asked him to enter slowly. Had I met him that day, Garuda would not have left. Plus, I haven’t given any gift to Garuda who is serving me all the while. Hence in this Tirumala, one of the hills will be named Garudadhri.”

Garuda did not expect this at all. He fell at the Lord’s feet, held His feet tightly. Tears flowed through his eyes profusely. AdiSesha was witnessing this wonderful sight delightfully. At the entrance, Kali was arguing with Shani on why he blessed both Garuda and Sesha. He accused Shani that he has betrayed Brahma.

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 217 – Perumal & Adiyen 17 – Dispute in Shani’s family

The Grace of Siddha series can be read here.

The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


Shani began to think, “I am Shanishwara, have never went in the path of Adharma. I have only given the effects to everyone based on one’s Karmic effects. But this Kali is set to outcome myself. Looks like this is a time Shani himself will be possessed with 7.5 years of Shani or Ashtama Shani or so.” Right at this moment, Neela Devi called him for a private discussion.

Kali who is planning to drive away Venkatava himself, why won’t he create a problem in our marital life itself? He has to be separated from my husband or else it wil become a big problem, she thought.

“Do not create any issues between Garuda and Narayana. Who is this Kali? Don’t get him to drive you the way he wants.” – she said.

“Slowly..let him not hear what we discuss.” – cautioned Shani.

“Why are you scared? Is he powerful than you?”


“Is it?! Are you going to listen to him and create a problem between Garuda and Narayana?”

“I cannot say. But if such a situation would arise, I cannot stop it.”

“O Lord. All the three worlds praise your righteousness. Should you even think of creating trouble to the Lord who protects everything in the universe? What harm did Garuda do to you?”

“Even I thought of these at first. But Brahma has given me an order. Based on that, I may have to comply with Kali Purusha even if I don’t like it seems.” – Shani was genuinely sad.

“What is that order?”

“It is a devya rahasya. I cannot share it.”

“Fair enough. I shall ask this to Lord Brahma itself.”

“What’s the use? His orders are orders. I am going to comply to it.”


“Kali is going to rule the Earth. Adharma will rise. Even the Gods will be affected.”

“If even the Gods will be affected, Brahma Deva will be no exception. Why then did he create Kali?”

“That is Brahma. Not just him, the holy trinity themselves have approved of it.”

“Let it be then. But I would suggest you stay away from all these. Let Brahma and Kali deal with it.”

“O Devi. Please do not worry or interfere. Watch if Kali or Narayana wins in this.”

“Let me watch all that. But shouldn’t we watch something else which is about to happen?” – said Neela Devi.

“What drama?”

“Once you have decided to help Kali, there is no point in living with you.”


“You are going to create dispute between Narayana Deva and Garuda. You say that this must be done. Then I am going to be separated from you. Try stopping this.”

Shani was shocked at this. Kali on this side was worried so much that Shani hasn’t returned yet. All his plans to defeat Venatava is going futile. He thought if he can defeat Venkatava, no one would dare to oppose his plans in the Earth. He remembered what Brahma Deva told him. He suggested to take the help of Shani when required as Kali would not be able to do anything without Shani.

At last, Shanishwara came out. Kali was eager to know if this is a yes or no. Shani’s face wasn’t that bright. Neela Devi began to go away from Shani along with her friends. While she never uttered a word to Shani, she murmured out of anger against Kali. After a brief silence, Shani began to speak.

“Kali, I am in a big dilemma. Pray on my behalf. I will sit on Garuda’s tongue. Is this enough?”

Kali was happy. But he pretended to be concerned about Shani’s welfare. “It seems your beloved wife is not pleased with you?” – he asked.

“That’s none of your business. I gave my word for which you came for. Why bother about anything else?” – Shani vented his frustration.

“Thanks a lot for your help. I shall pray to Brahma. Please do not forsake me.” – Kali fell at Shani’s feet.

“Go at once to Tirumala before the situation there change” – said Shani. He had decided to go along with Kali thinking of the fate. What is he going to do when even the holy trinity has approved of Kali’s existence? He was however thinking about Neela Devi’s separation. Even before a split between Garuda and Venkatava happen, I am separated from my wife. Looks like I am possessed by Kali’s effect myself, he thought.

Garuda in the meantime hastily arrived at Tirumala trying to meet the Lord. But the Dwara Palaka (Jaya and Vijaya), who guard the gates of Lord Vishnu stopped Garuda himself, greatly frustrating him.

“Who gave the authority to stop me?” – Garuda was furious.

“O Garuda! Please calm down. Who else can command us? It is Lord Vishnu himself.”


“The planetory position of yours are not right. You will be possessed by Shani and therefore the Lord has advised you to act very thoughtfully.”

“What does it mean?”

“Lord Vishnu is not in a position to meet you now.”

“Oh is it so? Then convey this to your Vishnu that Garuda told this: – “Let him drive in some other vehicle. Garuda is no longer ready to carry him around.” – Garuda left the place frustrated. The guards were shocked at his words.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 216 – Perumal & Adiyen 16 – Kali meets Shani!

The Grace of Siddha series can be read here.

The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


To know if someone is good or bad, we just need to see his activities and how he speaks. Likewise, to know if someone has a good time or bad, their activities will show up. Kali Purusha wanted to separate Garuda from his beloved Lord Narayana whom he was serving all along. He used Garuda’s wife for his plan. She believed in what Kali said and went above her own thoughts and insulted Garuda. She was merely expecting that such a behavior will make Garuda accept his mistake. But how can he when he hasnt committed any? When he did not accept, she even tried to block his way to meet Lord Ventaka.

Garuda could accept anything but he cannot stop visiting his Lord. Anything could be stopped for that and he did not even hesitate to forsake his beloved wife. Garuda’s wife was shocked so much. Kali was happy that the first part of his plan was a success. Now he has to create a dispute between Venkatava and Garuda. But how?

They cannot fight with each other. But there could be an argument where Garuda could use really harsh words which will make Venkatava lose his cool and drive him away. As a person of high self dignity, Garuda will leave him at once. Then Venkatava will have to venture out without Garuda’s assistance. When he does so, Kali could overpower Narayana or so he was thinking. While he was thinking all these, something flashed his mind.

There is no way he could get both Garuda and Narayana in to an argument without the help of Sanishwara. He knew that when Shani sits on someone’s tongue, they could easily be driven, whoever they may be. He did not waste time in meeting Shani at once.

Lord Shani was seated with Neela Devi, blessing people. He smelled something negative as if an evil omen is entering a place. He remained silent for a while and saw it through his Gnana Drishti, realizing that it is Kali Purusha who has come. Though not met his before, Shanishwara has heard of Kali’s evil plans in Tirumala and wanted to meet him.

He thought, how can Kali win without his help? Whatever Kali did, he could not stand before Venkatava. But had he approached my help right then, I would have helped him. Venkatava would have run away from Tirumala. Let’s see why he has come here. May be he realized that he cannot win without my help. Shani deva thought all this and opened his eyes wide to see Kali.

Kali felt goose bumps in him when Shani deva looked at him. Kali fell at his feet, “I am Kali. I came here to have the darshan of Eshwara’s Eshwara, Shanishwara. Please bless me.”

“Blessings. Why have you come here?”


“Wrong. Call me Shanishwara.”

“So be it Prabhu. Brahmadeva created me and sent me to Earth to begin the Kali yuga. But the Venkatava who has appeared in Tirumala is all focussed to stop it.”

“Is it so?”

“Yes, my lord! If Brahma hasn’t created me, why should I go to Boo Loka? Why should he create me and send Narayana to Tirumala as well?”

“Let it all be. Why have you came here looking for me?”

“I just realized that I cannot set the Kali Yuga without your help. I cannot progress even a single step without your grace. You only can help me by guiding me as a father.” – Kali fell at Shanishwara’s feet again.

“I am glad that you realized it at last. What help do you want?”

“Garuda is on his way to meet Venkatava. They both should have a fierce argument. Garuda should get separated from Lord Narayana forever.”

“What will you gain out of this?”

“My business is to separate friendship, couples, parents & children etc. and to ensure that they don’t get re-united. It is how I establish my rule.”

“Sounds like a fair plan, Kali”

“Then please sit on Garuda’s tongue as if you do so, Garuda will not have control over his tongue.”


“Then Venkatava will get angry and will drive Garuda out of the way.”

“If Garuda is gone, Venkata would keep another one as his vehicle. What else will you do?”

“You know everything. But you do not know one thing.”

“What is it?”

“Only because of Garuda, Adi Sesha is under control. When Garuda leaves Vishnu, Adi Sesha would want to get freedom from his bondage too.”

“Yes, fantastic. Then?”

“Adi Sesha will start showing his frustration of being under a bondage, spreading his deadly venom across the Earth. This will affect them.”

“How will this harm? Can you explain in detail?”

“I sure will Shanishwara. I am so grateful that you are listening to me with such a love.” – Kali wiped his tears, folded his hands and continued.

“Adi Sesha’s venom will spoil the love between people. It will separate families. It will make the brothers feel as if they are poisonous. It will affect people being devoted. It will destroy temples. It will make people kill their own parents for wealth. It will in effect bring adharma in every possible way. Then I will win.”

Shanishwara himself was shaken by this plan. Even himself will do things as per one’s karmic effects. But this Kali is inclined to cause severe damage. So he thought he must be careful with this fellow or else he will swallow Shani himself.

“O Shanishwara, why silence? If you delay this any further, Garuda will meet Venkata as usual and they would become friendly as always. Can you please sit in Garuda’s tongue?”

Neela Devi was listening to all these. She called Shani for a quick private discussion. Shani followed her limping. Kali was furious at Shani going behind Neela Devi.

~ to be continued…!

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