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AA – Whom should we do dhana-dharma to?

Q) They say that one should do dhana-dharma. Whom should we do it to? To those who doesn’t have? Or to our siblings and relatives?

  1. AA) Through the grace of God Almighty, when We use the word Dharma, one should pay very close attention. It is not possible for an individual to be told of all the shukshuma (subtlety) of dharma in one shot. We say in general. Only when one continues to do dharma, he will begin to understand the subtlety of it. Hence we say, “those who are needy, one can do dhana-dharma on any day, or night, without seeing the calendar for ‘the auspicious hour’ to those needy, by seeing what they require. It is very beneficial when it is done to anyone. But to those who are related by blood, We wouldn’t add this to ‘dharma’ as it is a duty for oneself to help his relatives in need. Only to those who are not related by blood, if a help is rendered, without any expectation whatsoever, it is added to one’s dharma. But at the same time, if the help is misused by the receiver, one can watch for only once and refrain from helping further. But it is not fair to start researching first before helping a person.

If God thinks of this and researches before doing anything, there wouldn’t be the five elements for the humans in the first place. How many are perfect here? Let the breeze be flowing only to them. How many are spotless? Only to them let sunlight be shown. Only to them let moonlight be. God does not think in this way. For such a benevolent love, we invite every human. It is beautiful to keep providing from that highest plane of love.

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