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A new logo

Gnana Boomi hosts a new logo. After a number of thought process and discussions with the design team, we coined the present one which represents more than one concept.


  1. It looks like the Chin Mudra.
  2. It looks like a flame that of knowledge, wisdom and realization.
  3. It is also the alphabets G and B aka Gnana Boomi. The previous logo resembled these as well.

But why a new logo? Well the previous one did serve its purpose quite well. It is surprising to realize that we’ve been online spreading noble thoughts for the past 6 years and counting. We intend to continue this journey with our beloved readers’ support but also will explore other spheres of the same goal, one’s ultimate realization of the Self. And it is only appropriate we start right from the brand itself. We will also work towards re-designing the interface of the site as some of you kindly pointed out.

The increase in number of new and regular visitors and their feedback from time to time tells us something clear. They seem to have derived some value out of this site and we’re humbled by that very thought. It makes us feel happy and responsible at the same time. Thank you!

We sincerely hope you like it. Please add your valuable feedback in the comments section.

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