We CAN get drinking water from the sea

It is now possible to convert salt or sea water in to drinking water. The invention, which is remarkably open source is from Gabriele Diamanti makes use of widely available materials, helping the economical status of the poor without causing any impact to the environment.

There are some who talk. There are some who do, only by which the world has always benefited. Here’s one such example who did something. A quick intro about a wonderful project that can yield drinking water from salt water


  • This is a Open Source project, which means you are free to use the idea, experiment and make it even better – no commercial gains intended. Be sure however, to attribute to the original designer upon taking this up for further development 
  • This does NOT require electricity and works with materials widely available such as pottery, mainly from poor sources 
  • Thus it supports the poor people’s economy greatly when widely used 
  • Do we need to say that this does not have any impact on the environment? 

The product:

 Eliodomestico – invented by Gabriele Diamanti, a freelance industrial designer from Milen. 

How it works:

 Check this – How Eliodomestico works

The water deprived area can greatly benefit from this natural process.

 Image credit: http://www.gabrielediamanti.com/projects/eliodomestico/