The GOS 104 – Clarity & faith can move mountains

The Grace of Siddha series can be read here.

My firm belief is that the Siddhas protect the world, if we see some of the incidents. As though the God Almighty has given the power of attorney to the Siddhas and has gone for vacation. Though we pray to God, many a times, He shows us the way through the Siddhas only.

I was reading the Nadi of Bhoga Siddha that day when a couple came and saluted. They appeared poor. I asked them about the reason for their visit. They said:

“O Sire, we have a 12 year old daughter. From birth, she is deaf and dumb and mentally unstable. We are a very poor family and we have nobody to help us. We tried all treatments that we could afford but of no use. The only thing resulted was the spending of money and we becoming indebted. We heard that you read the Nadi and suggest medicines and the grace of Siddhas. Can you please get a medicine from the Siddhas?” – they were in tears.

I was astonished to see the way they asked. When asking for help from someone, one has to know how to ask for help in the correct manner. Though appeared illeterate, I was inspired by the way they asked for help correctly. I felt that there will be an apt reply from the Siddha and I opened Bhoga’s Nadi after praying the way it is to be done.

The message that appeared was very fast and so was the way it ended. Yes, Bhoga Siddha is well versed in conveying any big thing in a short and sweet manner. This time too He said, “Take your daughter to Kolli Hills within three days. There she will get a new life.”

I asked them to carry out this task at once but began to think myself.

“They appear to be very poor. Where will they stay in Kolli Hills? Who will identify them and provide them medicine? Instead of making them roam around like this, it would have been great if Bhoga Siddha had mentioned them the name of the medicine.”

However, what miracle is the Siddha going to make? Who knows? One thing is for sure. It is a good omen that He Himself asked them to go to Kolli Hills and that they will be guided properly, I felt. Three months passed by and I did not hear anything from them. I got busy reading Nadi for others. On a day, I suddenly thought about them and wanted to ask Bhoga Siddha Himself. I opened the Nadi.

“As per Bhoga’s orders, the parents and daughter climbed the mountain. The treatment is in progress. They will return once it is complete. Have patience till then.” – I gave a sigh of relief.

Six months passed by.

The parents came with their daughter, all appeared happy. The male narrated:

“As per the Bhoga Siddha, we reached the basement of Kolli Hills and were thinking whom to ask what. Then there came a person who appeared like a beggar: “There is a pooja going on in Shiva temple. There is a Siddha. If He wishes, your problem will be cured. When He comes closer, ask your daughter to fall at His feet. There will be a cure to your daughter’s problem.”

We went to the temple he mentioned. Inside that temple, there were many of them who appeared like Siddhas. We did not know who ‘that’ Siddha was and were motionless. It was a full-moon day and so the pooja was very elaborate. We waited patiently till the pooja was over. When it got over, a person who appeared very tall came out of the crowd. He had such a light in his eyes! The moment we saw him, our daughter fell at his feet all by herself. We were surprised. A girl who cannot understand anything at all,
how did she do this? We fell at His feet too. We having said nothing, He said, “I shall give the medicine once the pooja is over.” We said, “Very well Swami. We shall wait.”

We were surprised, got goose pimps all over our body thinking that our daughter indeed will see the light, we thanked the Lord and that Swami and were watching the pooja they were doing, standing in a corner. Till the end, the way the pooja was done made us feel goose pimps all over. It was as if the Lord Almighty was present Himself, accepting the offering they were doing, we felt. We have visited many a temples, but never have we seen such a pooja.

Once it got over, He came with a herbal tonic and asked my daughter to drink. Then He said, “Come after fourty days. Till then, follow some regulations strictly and explained them in detail. We bid farewell with tears in our eyes and returned after fourty days. He was there, gave another tonic to our daughter to drink. Again fourty days of regulations, a revisit. This continued for about six months and once six months pass by, He said, “The medicine in-take is sufficient. Your daughter will become alright within one Mandala (48 days). Observe the regulations. No need to come here. To the ‘Vaidhyanatha Swamy’ (Lord Shiva) in your town,
arrange for an Abhisheka. That will be the respect you will show to the Lord. We do not want anything”. He said these and as we were looking at him awe-struck, he walked inside the sanctum sanctorum and disappeared!!!”

“Talk to my daughter yourself. She has become perfectly alright.” he said. I could not believe what has happened. That girl folded her hands paying Namaskar and prostrated before me. I got tears in my eyes. I lifted her off saying, “Amma, You are blessed by the Siddha. You should not prostrated before me.” – I lifted both my hands and blessed her.

Then I asked him, “Ok, whom do you think who had come there?”

“The one who installed the Nava Bhashana Muruga idol in Pazhani, The Bhoga Siddha, who else can that be?” – said that poor, illeterate person with so much of clarity. I met a person who is called illeterate but with that clarity for the first time in my life. I was immensely happy that I shook both his hands with both of mine.

The moral of this incident is: Even if a problem comes that seems like the very livelihood will disappear, if one remains absolutely clear and with steadfast faith….he or she will get the darshan of Siddha such as this person. They will get the blessing of such a pooja being conducted, to remain right there and witness it. Above all, a permanent solution to the problem will appear.

If we have got the Grace of Siddha, there won’t be anything for us that is not achievable.

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 103 – The Siddha of Siddhas, Lord Shiva!

The Grace of Siddha series can be read here.

I firmly believe that the Siddhas know everything. Generally, those who come for Nadi reading to remediate their issues, listen to what comes out of Nadi and get scared most of the times and don’t do what is prescribed in it. Then when the problem goes severe, they come back again and get some more remedial measures, only tougher. I have heard some people murmuring “the earlier method suggested itself was simpler”.

I have seen the most of them have a wrong impression about Lord Shiva Himself! He owns and carries out the 5 major tasks where the task of destruction or better said in Sanskrit, Samhara, is done by Him, Himself. He is not for the worldly and material wealth, so why ask for such things to Him? But a few others, they don’t think all these: “The Siddha has said. Who are we to ask and counter? Let us just do it with our heart and soul put in and let Him take care of the rest” – and they do what is suggested. I have seen their problems getting away much faster.

Just like the Agastya Jeeva Nadi, through His grace, I had another Nadi of Bhoga Siddha. It generally gives information on Bhoga Siddha’s medicinal methods, certain herbs for certain diseases etc., just that the letters appear in the same golden color as that of Agastya Muni’s Jeeva Nadi. I have read that Nadi as well and have helped people get medicinal remedies.

There came a young couple one day.

“We got a child after a few years of getting married. It is of two years old and has born with health issues.”

“What sort of health issue?”

“After it turned one and a half, all of a sudden its body becomes bluish in color. We used to rush to the hospital and after some treatment, the color goes off. But neither us nor the doctors are able to estimate when the disease will come back. We have tried various different ailments. Earlier it used to come once in a month but now, the frequency has turned weekly. Only during our last visit, a doctor was able to diagnose how this disease comes. He says that our kid has a hole in its heart, right from its birth. When the pumping of blood does not happen properly, the lack of oxygen turns the body bluish. He says there are only two ways of cure to it. One is to do a surgery but the kid does not have the strength to endure the surgery where the result of such treatment could be anything.”

“Ok. What’s the second method he said?”

“That doctor believes in the medicinal marvels of Bhoga Siddha. So he believes that if Bhoga Siddha’s grace is there, He could save this child and he asked us to check with you on what Bhoga Siddha says in His Nadi. Only you can read this Nadi and show is the way out of this problem.”

I took the Nadi of Bhoga and prayed earnestly, “O Siddha Lord! Please provide a good judgement to this couple’s child.”

The Siddha came in the Nadi:

Only the Three Eyed Lord can save this child. If the kid is to be saved, it has to be dipped in Alak Nanda river, thrice, on a Thursday that too. When it is being bathed thus, Shiva-Nama must be chanted continuously. For sure, Lord Shiva will come and save this child!” – said these and disappeared at once.

Normally, Bhoga Siddha answers short and crisp. As he did not say about any medicine and that the child has to be dipped in Alak Nanda river thrice, the parents were really shocked. The river, known for its cold water where people freeze even to bathe once. This kid, who has a weak heart, how can this be dipped thrice in that ice-cold water?!! I thought.

“Apart from these, he didn’t say anything?” – the parents asked.

“I have mentioned what Bhoga has said. He didn’t say anything else. Please do as He said. You will come back with a good news.”

The couple left, mentally tired. I didn’t hear anything from them for two months. After two months, they came, with a exhausted face and informed me that the kid is becoming weaker day by day and they could not carry out the Bhoga Siddha had suggested them.

“Can you please read that Nadi once more and see if He says anything more?” – they asked. I did so and they got the same exact reply as before. I looked at their tired face and said, “Lord Shiva had destroyed the very karma which was the cause of a disease. He will definitely save your child. Just think that this child is hereafter Lord Shiva’s and do what Bhoga Siddha said, at once. Good will happen.” – I said.

I don’t know what they felt.

“We’re taking your words as a divine clairvoyance and think that from this minute, we shall think that this child is Lord Shiva’s and will carry out what is said.”

They came after two weeks. The child was playing in their arms, appearing happy and healthy. They appeared very happy too and carried a number of experiences which gives goose pimps to me to this day. They narrated what happened:

“Just as Bhoga Siddha said, we took our kid to the AlakNanda river in the Himalayas. We were shocked at the fierce and chillness of the water. How can we dip this kid in this water? – this thought occurred to us twice. Just before the same question hit us the third time, just as the Siddha said, we utterred the name “Namah Shivaya” and dipped it slowly, once. We didn’t know what happened. Normally, such chillness will make any kid scream. But our kid liked that chillness and it smiled. At that time, a Sadhu came to our side and said, “Give me the child. I shall bathe it and return it to you. Don’t have to worry.” – and he got our child.

He went further down to where we stood, a deeper portion of the river and dipped the kid many a times, came near us, (thadavi tharudhal – word search), took the Holy Bhasm from his wet garment, applied it in the kids’ forehead, chest and put a little in it’s mouth, he murmured something in it’s right ear and handed it over to us. We got busy wiping out the water in its body as soon as we received the child where we forgot even to say our thanks to the Sadhu. For a minute’s gap when we looked up, the Sadhu
was not to be found!

The body of the kid was warmer than before and so we thought everything should have been alright. We took it back to the doctors who checked it and they were flabbergasted! They said that the hole in its heart is completely filled and the pumping is happening properly now. We do not know who that Sadhu was and how he cured it. But good has happened just as you said. Please convey our sincere thanks and gratefulness to Bhoga Siddha.

I asked Bhoga Siddha in His Nadi and He mentioned…

This divine play has been orchestrated by Lord Shiva Himself! When He, the foremost of all Siddhas, the Siddha of all Siddhas, wants to run this play, what role do we have there? Our job got over after we said what has to be done. Hence, there wasn’t any medicine given out. There won’t be an understanding on some divine plays, one should not try to understand the meaning either!” – the Siddha concluded with this short and sweet advice.

I was taken aback for a while knowing that the Lord Shiva Himself is roaming amidst us as a Siddha!

Awesome Image Courtesy: Nupur Sehgal

~ to be continued…!