Gnana Boomi


This is by no means complete and will continue to get updated for good!

How is GnanaBoomi different from the myriads of sites out there?

We sincerely believe that right thinking can set everything right. With right thinking comes right action. We share stories, incidents, interviews and articles that focus mainly on the core belief  ‘Right thinking’.  It may be propelled by even a single word. We may never know when, where and how that ‘flash’ occurs in oneself. If it happens here to even a single person on this earth, we are humbled and happy to say – “Great! We are well on the right track”. 

What we see in the site is all incidents and stories about Siddhas and Jeeva Nadi. What do these have to do with one’s thought?

Figure it out! The subconscious mind is always on the look for what it needs even when the conscious mind isn’t aware of. These incidents have and will sparkle something which might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Sounds good! What are the plans for the future?

We plan to take good care of the present and thereby the future will take care of itself. But we do have ideas and plans for the future, some of what you see here was in its thought form before.

Is this the official site of the famous Tamil spiritual magazine ஞானபூமி?

No. The magazine ஞானபூமி has been one of our childhood favorites. It played a vital role in shaping our thought process and to know a lot about Sanatana Dharma right from the childhood, we admire it a lot. But we do not have any association with the magazine whatsoever.

Why two sites in the same name? You could’ve named your site differently!

Gnana Boomi suited just right for what we intend with the site.

Can I be a part of your team? I think I have my two cents to share.

Yes of course! Please contact us and we will love to see what you’ve got.