The GOS 195 – Nava Grahas – Budha!

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[From the 210th episode of the Tamil series]

The Jyotish shashtra says that those who are born intelligent are due to the grace of Lord Budha. To shine in studies, to win debates, to have a never-reducing energy supply, to excel in all the arts, Lord Budha helps. His grace is required even to live healthy. Hence they say that ‘Even if one gets gold, one can’t get Budhvar’.

He resides in the North-Eastern side of Surya. Lord Vishnu resides on the right side of Budha and any prayers done to Budha reaches Lord Vishnu as well. He is the fourth in the week days. Those who want to excel by chanting a mantra, those who want to attain fame by writing poems, should pray to Lord Budha.

Guru Bhagwan’s wife Tara visited Chandra’s house and was carried away by his beauty. She had forgotten her husband Guru for a while. Guru was occupied in his penance to Lord Shiva and hence he did not mind much about Tara. Chandra took this as an advantage and started living with Tara for sometime. Guru woke up from his penance and started looking for Tara. She left Chandra and reached Guru then, and she was pregnant too.

Eventually she gave birth to a child and named him Budha. As the child was born in a time frame that did not match the marital life and pregnancy due, Guru began to doubt on who the father of this child was. The Puranas say that Lord Brahma clarified Guru’s doubt that the child was indeed the son of Chandra.

Lord Brahma called Budha and asked him to ‘sit near Surya’ and he did so. He circumumbulated Mount Meru just as Surya and did severe penance to Lord Shiva thereby attaining the status of being one of the 9 grahas. One of the Shiva Linga that Budha installed is still in Kashi. Due to his severe penance again, he was made the commander of 5th Kanda of Rig Veda as per Iyengar Bhagavatha.

As he bestows intelligence to humans, he is Budhdhi Dhata and as he enhances intelligence, he is called Budhdhi Vivardhana. Dhanapradha, Dayakara, Tara Putra Danya Pashupradha are some of his names. As he is beautiful, he is also called Kancha Nethra, Manohara, Sowmya Murthy as well.

If one prays to Budha on the troubles faced through other Grahas, Budha will come to your rescue. Only he has that capacity to do so where he is reverred with the special name of
‘Graha Peedaa Hara’

The second Mantra of the 137th Shuktha in the 20th Kanda of Atharvana Veda is about Lord Indra. The devata for this mantra is Budha.

He is an expert in debates. He is well versed in Business. Thiruvenkadu is an important place where Budha worshipped. The other one is Thiruvalavaai aka Madurai. To reach Thiruvenkadu, one can go from Vaideeswaran Kovil railway station or from Seerkazhi railway station. One of the trimurthi here is Agoramurthi.

One can see Lord Shiva in His form, in standing posture only here. There is a special artha jama pooja being conducted till date to the Agora Murthi in the midnight of Sunday. The three eyes of Lord Shiva is represented as Surya, Chandra and Agni. This temple has three thirtha (holy pond) called Soma Thirtha, Surya Thirtha and Agni Thirtha.

Budha worshipped Lord Shiva here, just so the people worship this Lord for excellency in the arts.

Similarly, the Sokkanadha temple of Madurai, the Meenakshi Amman Temple is a Budha Sthala. They say that Lord Shiva took a dip in the pond of golden lotus here and then transformed Himself to a Linga. As Budha got the darshan of Lord Shiva here, this temple has another speciality.

Budha is seated in the north-eastern side of Surya in the Mandala which appears like a Baana as a golden statue facing north. He gets the radiance from Surya and is the reason for the plants and herbs in the earth to be green. He likes eatables that are green. He is pleased when offered the Green Gram.

The Jyotish shashtra praises Lord Budha. He has the radiance as that of the bud of Gnazhal flower. He is matchless in appearance and beauty. He is the source of Debate, Math, Medicinal science etc., He is the Lord of arts such as Drama, Dance, Books etc., He is the lord of all 64 arts. He is the source of all that happens in relation to the nerves.

He is as white as the milk, likes various edible items, Rajasic in nature, he is Emerald in gems. He is the lord of the art of gardening.

He is earth in the Pancha Boota’s (five elements). He is of the northern direction. He gives good results when joined with good graha effects and bad results when joined with bad graha effects. He is said to be eunuch in grahas. Jyotish shashtra is very special to him. He is the bestower of ‘vaak’ for the astrologers’ saying to come true. He goes around in a horse.

He is the lord of Mithuna and Kanni rashi. Meenam is his neecha house and Kanni is his uchcha house. Surya and Shukra are his friends. Guru and Shani are equal to him. Chandra is his enemy as per Jyotish shashtra. He is bronze in metal and in the fourth order. He is the lord of Ayilya, Kettai and Revathi stars. His number as per the Jyotish shashtra is 5.

He blesses the children to talk without babbling, when they are in the age of speaking, when worn a green stone based ornaments in their ears.

The Gayatri mantra for Budha is:

Gaja Twajaya Vidhmahe Suka Hasthaya Dheemahi
Thanno Budha Prachothayaath!

Those who chant the Gayatri mantra of Budha will be bestowed with intelligence, power, wisdom and they will be respected in assemblies. Those who want to excel in every arts, they can chant the following verse from Soundarya Lahari:

Savithribeer vaachaam sasimani silabanga ruchipi
Vachin yaath yaapees thvaam saha janani sanchintha thayadhiya!
Sakarthaa kaavyaanaam bavathi mahathaam pangi supagai:
Vasopir vaakdevi vadhana kamalaamoodha madhurai.

For Budha’s navagraha Shanthi, if one prays to Lord Rama or Lord Vishnu or when one wears green silk, emerald etc., or when one offers gold or green gram, the dosha gets rectified.

The color of Budha – Green
The gemstone of Budha – Emerald
The Devata for Budha – Lord Vishnu
The bodily part of Budha – Nerves
What is he the lord of – Vaak (speech and related)

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~ to be continued…!

The GOS 193 – Nava Grahas – Chandra!

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The GOS 193 – Nava Grahas – Chandra

Chandra gets the light from Surya which reflects on earth. Hence is called Thankathiresan (Tamil: Than – cold, Kathir – rays, Esan – Eshwara or Lord, the lord of cold rays)

His appearance is whitish as milk. He wears white garments, white flower, white pearl necklace. He rides on a chariot driven by 10 white horses under a white umbrella and revolves around mount Meru as per the Vedas.

The Athi-Devata for Chandra is Varuna. Prathyathi Devata is Gauri. There are other demi-devatas as well. There is a gemstone called Chandrakanta. When the rays of Chandra falls on it, water oozes out. He appeared when the ocean was churned (Parkadal). He is considered to be having the ‘Amsa’ of Devi. Also, Chandra is feminine in his characteristics.

He nurtures the cows, milk, medicines and medicinal plants, flowers, curd, alcoholic substances, fame etc., When he goes closer to Surya, it becomes Amavasya and when goes away from Surya, he is Pournami (full moon).

The Vedas praise him as the brother of Goddess Lakshmi as he appeared with her in the ocean when it was churned. He has the blessing of being right at the head of Lord Maheshwara and Goddess Ambika (Parvathi). Athri Maharishi raised him.

As the grace of Guru fell on him, he was given the command over medicinal herbs. The Jyotisha Shashtra says that he rules over the number 2.

Shathapatha Bramana when mentioning about Chandra says that Soma (Chandra) was brought to the earth through the grace of Gayatri Devi. The kind Soma was a friend of a Gandarva. Since the Gandarva had this king as the friend, the Muni’s and Devas were scared. Therefore they lured the Gandarva with a girl, got him separated from the king Soma and kept him with themselves, says Aithareya.

They say that Chandra is the left eye of Lord Shiva.

In Thaitheerya, Prajapathi had 33 daughters whom he got married to Soma out of which, Soma fell in love more with Rohini and he ignored the others. The other daughters complained this to their father who got irked. Due to his anger, Soma became weak and lost his radiance. He then sought Surya’s help who made him strong again.

Another story says that Soma performed the Raja Sooya Yagna when he had the command over  all the medicinal plants where Daksha-Prajapathi got his 27 daughters married to him but he loved none other than Rohini. He then got cursed by Daksha Prajapathi where his radiance began to wade. Then Lord Shiva blessed him out of His mercy that he will wade for 15 days and grow again in the next 15 days. Hence we have 15 days of waning moon and 15 days of waxing moon.

One of Chandra’s wife is Swati, who shines as a star. On a Swati day, when a fish family shell opens up its mouth and if a rain drop falls on it, it becomes the pearl (this is probably mentioned as an illustration to denote a spiritual truth as the modern science clarifies us on how the pearl is formed).

But why is there so many wives for Chandra? He attained a great siddhi in Dyana Yoga when he was the disciple of Bruhaspathi Guru. Thereby he has this spell where any girl who looks at Chandra will fall in love with him and hence these many wives. They illustrate Chandra as feminine in nature where Surya is remarked as a Purusha (masculine) form. He is liked by the Boomi Mata (Earth) and hence they have a magnetic attraction.

Chandra’s rays is absolutely required for the plant kingdom. The feeling of love depends on Chandra. His rays are required for the vapour to be formed in the ocean.

The one who worships the Crescent moon will have a longer life span.

There is a divine circular radiance around Chandra’s head. He wears various ornaments, wears
rose-water flower, white garments. He carries Kumudha in his two hands with a golden thread in his holy chest.

Sri Rama was born in the Surya Kula. The Pandavas were born in Chandra Kula.

He is the reason for the human body’s strength. For one to get a good sea-route travel, his horoscope should have good Chandra aspect. There is no enemy-graha other than Rahu and Kethu. When he joins with Guru and Shukra or when he is given a look of auspiciousness, the person with that horoscope will become very lucky.

The peak-house for Chandra is Rishaba. Kataka is the own house. He becomes Neecha in Vrischika.

Chandra is the lord of Rohini, Hastha and Thiruvonam stars. Pearl belongs to him in Nava Rathnas. His taste is salty. He is very gentle in characteristics, he owns the North-western direction. Generally he is a Shuba Graha.

To get a good night’s sleep or to get awards from the Government, one should Chandra in a good house in their horoscope. He is the lord of many gentle things like Love, Poetry, Softness, Pleasure, Heart etc.,

Lord Brahma has appointed Chandra who himself is the other eye of the Lord Almighty to be the lord of herbs. He is one of the Parivara Devata in the temples, he rides in a chariot of two wheels, seated in a square pedestal. It is said that he appeared in the Somavara (Monday) on a Krithika month.

Padmathvajaya Vidhmahe Hemaa Roopaya Dheemahi
Thanno Soma Prachothayath!

The above Gayatri of Chandra when chanted 27 times in the morning can bestow a lot of luck.

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 192 – Nava Grahas – Surya!

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[From the 206th & 207th episode of the Tamil series]

When Agastya Maha Muni appears in Nadi to guide people, he frequently mentions about Navagrahas, with pride. The best part in all the information is that all the grahas are performing their duties given by God without a glitch. Yes! It’s not good enough that one has taken birth as human, but they have to think right, act as per dharma, the Navagrahas only bless them and never troubles them, He says!

Let us see a few things about such grahas where obviously it’s Surya the first in this post.

In this wonderful earth, Surya appears as the pratyaksha God (the God one can see with their naked eye) and eradicates grief. The Veda-Purana-Ithihasa sing Surya’s praise in many ways. The foremost of the Vedas, The Rig Veda says that there are three different types of Agni and Surya is the foremost form of Agni.

Surya has 7 names, which represents something.

1. As He destroys darkness, “Savita”
2. As He makes the light rays fall throughout the world, “Bhaga”
3. Also through the light, He bestows energy and life to earth, hence “Bhusha”
4. As He measures the sky, earth and Pataala loka with this rays, “Vishnu”
5. As His rays spread like a long hair, “Keshi”
6. As He appears as the Pratyaksha God in front of everyone, who is praised by everyone, “Vaishvanara”
7. As the reddish flames of rays spread through which gives a very active morning, “Vrushakapi”

The belief is that Surya’s wives are Usha, before the sunrise, Suryaa Devi during the day and during evening or Sandhya, it’s Vrushaak bayi respectively.

1. The Rig Veda clearly affirms that the only God who can be seen with the naked eye is Surya Himself. One may forget anyone but should never forget worshipping Surya Deva. If one forgets this, he doesn’t attain Moksha.

2. The Yajur Veda says, “You are the one who illumines the world. There is no defeat for you. You are a Mahan, Aditya, There is no one who is equal to you in this world”

3. The Sama Veda says, “You have the power (Maha Shakthi) to cure diseases. May you drive away grief! May you drive away enmity! O, you may save us!” – similar verses are repeated many times.

Every mantra has a Moola Mantra. The Mother of all Moola Mantra is Gayatri Devi. The Lord of Gayatri Devi’s mantra is none other than Surya (hence it is also called as Surya Gayatri, the most common form of Gayatri mantra recited everywhere). One may know the supremacy of Surya Deva thus.

Surya was born to Kashyapa Muni and Aditi Devi. The Vedic Bharath puts the womanhood as primary and hence the Surya Deva, son of Aditi is called Aditya.

There is a saying that there were 12 different sons for Aditi and Kashyapa Muni and they appeared in 12 different forms. They owned each Rashi and hence there are 12 Aditya’s who bless us. The eldest Aditya is Surya Deva.

It was Surya and Chandra who notified Mohini when Rahu and Kethu were trying to get the Amruth. Rahu wanted to take revenge on Surya, caught him at the right time and swallowed him, resulting in the world plunging in darkness.

Surya felt sad that none of the Devas came for his help when he was only trying to help them. Eventually when Rahu left Surya, He was frustrated and said that His heat will destroy the world and no devas can do anything about it. The world wasn’t able to bear the heat when He was disappeared. Now when He appears with His full might, the Devas worried. They surrendered to Brahma Deva who said, “Do not worry. It’s night. When Surya appears with His full might, there will be a son, a flower like one, who will bear all the heat of Surya. His name is Aruna, born to Kashyapa Muni and Aditi, who is also called Vinata. He is very powerful, He has the Amsa of Lord Shiva Himself!”

When Surya appeared, Aruna sat right in front of Surya and absorbed all the heat, disappeared. Some think that Aruna from that day appears as Surya and protects the world.

The Markandeya Purana when mentioning about Surya says that when Lord Brahma held the dark universe, the sound ‘Om’ came out, which eventually turned as a reddish ray of light and from that ray, the circular shaped Surya appeared.

The Brahma Purana says that it is Lord Shiva whose light radiates as the Surya Mandala and hence Surya is referred to be His right eye.

Surya has two famous temples. The Konark temple in Orissa and one in Tamil Nadu, Aduthurai. There are many other exclusive Surya temples in Thirukandiyur Veerattam, Thirupuravaar, Panangaatoor etc.

Surya can be worshipped by looking straight at Him, can be invoked in to a Yantra, can be drawn as a picture in the land, they also worship Him as one of the Parivara Devata of Lord Shiva’s temples. He is most commonly worshipped as the center of the other planets. In Tamil Nadu, they worship Surya during Makara Sankranti (Thai Matham) by writing on the bare land. The harvesting festival in many parts of the world is actually a ‘Thanksgiving’ ritual to Lord Surya.

The Jyotish Shashtra attributes Surya to the following. It says that Surya looks like the hibiscus flower, son of Kashyapa, the one with a very bright radiance, the enemy of darkness, who destroys every other sins, the representative of the holy trinity Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara. The one who moves all the time, the lord of the Navagrahas, He is the Gayatri in Veda mantras, He is the reason for self-control, self-consciousness, influence, prestige, power, bravery, performance, bodily pleasures, good conduct, eyes, heat, light, help from those in power etc. He is the Pithru-Karaka, he is of the Satvic nature, darkish red is His color. A male graha!

The own house of Surya is Simmam (the lion). The peak house is Mesha. The lower house is Thulam. Rishaba, Makara and Kumba are enemy-houses. Surya’s friends are Chandra, Sevvai and Guru.

He is the Lord of the stars Krithika, Utharam and Utharadam. Surya travels in a chariot of single wheel, with 7 horses, which are the 7 Sandhaa’s of the Vedas.

The flower for Surya is – red lotus
The Samithu for Surya is – Erukku
The grain for Surya – wheat
The vehicle of Surya – chariot, peacock
The Athi-devata of Surya – Lord Shiva
The gemstone of Surya – Ruby
The metal for Surya – Tambac, a kind of copper and zinc alloy
The color of Surya – red
The Avatara of Surya – Sri Rama

Agastya Muni created Aditya Hrudayam and did Upadesha to Sri Rama to obtain power from Surya Deva to win the battle.

The one who recites Aditya Hrudayam in the mornings during sunrise, his face will glow with Tejas. Evil influence (affliction) disappears. Destitution (or poverty) goes away, they get what they want. Their parents will live happily. There won’t be any tension. Auspiciousness happens.

When a person came for Nadi reading, Agastya Muni recommended him to recite Aditya Hrudayam at all times. He asked if he can recite it at any times since he has been told that Adiya Hrudayam needs to be recited only in the mornings and not after sunset or after noon.

Agastya said, “You are asking myself! One can recite this at any time, when walking, traveling, while sitting, any time!”

One may find it a little difficult to by-heart it initially. But it is not true. If one prays to Agastya and tries, it gets in to your heart very easily. Then whenever you visit any temple, sit on the Esana corner (north-east), north or east direction and when recited at least thrice, one can find that their prayers are becoming fruitful faster. Above all, it protects the one who chants it, wherever they go.

How Aditya Hrudayam was formed?
Agastya Muni began to worry about the world. He thought, “even now when unrighteousness dances so much, how will the future be?” and he thought of finding a way out. It is the feminine force who takes action when there is unrighteousness and He naturally approached the Maha Shakthi Parashakthi and expressed his worries.

The divine Mother said that Aditya Hrudayam will provide a good heart, strong mind, power and energy. Agastya was waiting for the sloka to be given to the right person for a long time.

When Sri Ramachandra was fighting Ravana, He was exhausted since Ravana wasn’t getting defeated. Though the Lord Almighty, He played by the rules of the humans, felt tired and exhausted but He knew that a guru might help a way out, so He prayed to Agastya. Agastya Muni appeared before Sri Rama and said, “Parashakthi did the upadesha of Aditya Hrudaya to me for the welfare of the world. Let me give you the upadesha of Aditya Hrudaya. When you recite this mantra, you will be bestowed with all the auspiciousness and the power to destroy any evil!”

Agastya says, “O the heir of Ragu Kula! When one praises Lord Surya with Aditya Hrudaya, he is saved when in trouble, when he is afraid, and is not troubled at any difficult times. When one focuses his mind and recites this slokha, which is of Surya Deva who is praised by even the Gods, at least three times with sincerity, he gets victory in any battlefield. Then the one with perfect control over his senses, the one with broad shoulders and heart, the one with unmatched valour Sri Rama, chanted the Aditya Hrudaya and got refreshed, re-energized and defeated Ravana. When one recites the Aditya Hrudaya of Surya, one can become the most powerful, says the Divine Mother Parvathi.

The sloka can be found here, here and here. Let us recite this Maha Mantra and get blessed!

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 170 – Kanja Malai, to get the darshan of Lord Muruga

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The place where Lord Muruga chose the peacock as His vehicle and friend, this place is that special. The peacock with its long beak grabs the snakes. How many ever snakes bite the peacock, the poison does not affect it. He has this peacock. Whoever is bitten by the snake, Muruga sends His peacock to ward off the poison. The mongoose has the courage to grab the snake, even kill it. But still, after killing a snake, it eats the darbai (a grass) to break the poisonous effect for Darbai has that quality.

They put the darpai grass in food in the eclipse day, why I say this is, there is going to be an eclipse in two days. There will be harmful, poisonous effects in the food and to devoid of it, they put the darpai in the food. They keep it in all parts of the house. No matter which herb breaks the poison, this darpai does. If one takes the darpai grass, grinds it and mixes it with honey and consumes it, nothing will happen to him if a snake bites him. The snake on the contrary will die. The poison won’t get mixed in your blood. If consumed thrice a day, the longevity increases. The heart functions normally. The poison is driven away from the body. If honey is mixed with kadukkai and consumed, all sorts of skin diseases will vanish. If darpai is mixed with milk, honey, rosewater and taken in full moon day or amavasya day, any brain or nerve related complaints will be gone.

The mongoose always grabs the head of the snake. I am not sure if you have witnessed a fight between mongoose and snake but let me tell you. It always focuses on the head of the snake and never at any other part of the snake’s body. It bites the head of the snake and throws it away for the mongoose knows where the poison reside. The mongoose’ teeth itself has the quality to break the poison. But for peacock, let the snake bite it how many ever times, the poison does not get in. Such a bird, Lord Muruga chose when He was 7, right here. Even the heirs of that peacock is roaming here.

Not just that. I mentioned about the 29 different Mountains. Its right when Lord Muruga came here, Lord Rama came too. When Lord Muruga wanted to have the darshan of Lord Rama and walked towards His Temple, Lord Rama himself came and embraced Lord Muruga. So, this is also the place where Lord Muruga went to see Rama, but Lord Rama also came with His family, met Muruga, embraced and remained blissful on hearing the Tamil that Muruga sang. This holy place has the capacity to take off the poison. If one visits this place on a Amavasya or Full Moon day or Ashtami or Navami day..they say that Ashtami is not suitable for auspicious things. But if one visits here on Ashtami, whatever good deeds they could not do on other days, all the merits will be given to them if they visit here on an Ashtami day. For some, auspicious day doesnt work.

As they keep thinking bad and attract likewise, how many years it could have been, how many janmas ever it might have been, all the doshas to get washed off, one has to come here on a Ashtami day and have darshan of Lord Muruga, sit blissfully, recite Kanda Shashti Kavacham or Subramanya Bujangam, just three times and go. All the bodies’ ailments will be gone. Particularly the poison, poison in speech, in glance, in body, in character, its what rules the country now. It is the time when the Kali Purusha’s atrocities are increasing. So its poinson everywhere. None knows how it comes, where it comes from but once come, it affects one and his family. I said poison in glance and character. It may be there all around you. Jealous might surround you. They might try to pull you down on having jealousy in your growth.

They may be whoever, just think of this Subramanya seated in His peacock, He will send His peacock and destroy all the poison. Just the feather of the peacock has to touch, the poison wards off. So, this place is not just that one He played, He strolled in all 29 mountains, His foot prints are still seen here. One can hear His laughter.

Those who cannot see Him, those who think of His holy feet, those who are waiting to quarrel with him right royally, His ardent devotees, if they sit in this mount or the shore of this river on a Tuesday between 8 and 9 in the night and call Him ‘Muruga’ with all devotion, He will appear before you, blessings!


(O devotees of Agastya, the sound track stopped with this. I tried with whatever means I could. I even gave it to people in the IT field as experts to see if they can get something out of it. They all said the same thing…there is nothing recorded in it. I thought well, this is all is written in our fate and have given them as it is. Kindly accept).

When researching about this mountain, I got a few information:

1. Those who do Girivalam around this mountain on a Pournami (full moon) or Amavasya day need to go around 18 kilo metres. Even if done once, all the body ailment will be gone when the herbal air touches our body.

2. Nearby this temple around 20 kilometres, there is a place called Ayodhi Pattinam where a Godhanda Rama temple is. It’s a special temple. The Pattabisheka of Sri Rama happened here. As the auspicious time was crossing and not to miss it, they performed the Pattabisheka here first it seems. Then Rama went to Ayodhya and the Pattabisheka happened there again. An important thing is, Sri Rama is seated with one of His legs bent with Seetha Devi, Lakshmana, Anjayena, Sugreeva, Vibeeshana are all standing around.

3. Sri Rama is said to have mentioned that it is sufficient to have His darshan here than in Ayodhya to get His blessings.

Please visit too.

…to be continued…!

The GOS 160 – To lit a lamp, life of a Sannyasin, blessings to be a Siddha!

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If there is anything as ‘written in the fate’ or destined even while at the womb, it is his. If you analyze it with your modern science, there is a strong relation between spirituality and his previous births. He lit one lakh lamp in the banks of Godhavari to Lord Rama and felt wondrous about it. The next time when he was lighting them, unexpected flood surrounded the Godhavari Rama. No one could enter. I am not sure what you know about Godhavari Rama. It is a temple on top of a small mount. The water surrounded at hip level with people suffering. This one but was carrying the ingredients like ghee, oil, the thread on top of his head to lit a lakh and eight thousand lamps and was waiting.

Just like how it rained during the birth of Sri Krishna where Adi Sesha came as an umbrella, when he was carrying the ghee and oil etc to the hill top, someone just snatched all of them and placed it in a safe place in the pathway to the hill. It was saved from getting drenched. That person threw a towel to this one to grab on to and saved him. That night, all the lakh and eight thousand lamps were lit beautifully midst that heavy rain da! We see that even if one lamp is lit, Lord Vayu will come and blow it away (He says it in a lighter vein), but here it was a lakh and eight thousand lamps, all glowing to glory. It was a help from Lord Varuna too.

I could have mentioned this in the morning itself but it might have sounded like praising a particular one and he might end up carrying ego or might cause embarrassment. But the truth is a truth. He therefore got the bhagya today. Whether it is one face lamp or anything, whatever he thought of when litting it up, to whoever he lit that lamp for, be it anything but as the lamp glows and glows, it is glory to him and his family. All good will happen to whoever he asks for, thinks about when praying.

Even today, he thought about the poor people when he lit the lamp today. All the merits will be of him. It will also protect his family and give a great life. But however, there are small boils in his body for which he prays to Agastya for one and a half years. Agastya does not seem to pay attention. Truly, for Agastya who carries out so many things, He could have dissolved those boils but he didn’t, one may feel dissappointed. Nothing wrong in it. Why I keep coming to him is because, there is a relation between him and the ‘Moola’.

Why everything, the time that Agastya speaks, the time you sought Agastya, everything revolves around Moola is because, he was born in the Moola star in his previous birth. All the lamps he has lit, all the merits he has accumulated, I am reminding him of all these and feel like patting him on the back and bless him, that’s why I said all these. All of those in front of me are heading towards the Siddha State. They all have left everything they do and have come for the love of Agastya. With them, like a small monkey grabs his mother tightly, there is this small boy who accompanied all of you. Agastya is very pleased as I said in the morning and wanted to show some gratitude, hence I asked you to come over.

It is impossible to change the fate. Everyone will say, I shall change the fate. Not possible. But Agastya can. Agastya does and is doing. But I don’t interfere in the way that system work, neither do I hurt Brahma, Vishnu or Maheshwara, I won’t interfere but at the same time, have given them some rest and taken over the responsibility. Those who were about to get distracted out of tiny little issues, I grabbed them and have gathered them all here. There are so many things in one’s life, merits, grief, disappointments, loss, everything. They exist in both the lives of a family man as well as a saint.

Agastya feels sorry about a few who lives like a hermit in their family life, that they are not carrying out their duties properly. But a state of Siddha is altogether different, it is wonderful. I have granted them to you already. Some more will come closer too, I shall grant them that state too. Who is blessed, this I won’t say now. There are things that even Agastya wouldn’t say, for it may not happen if I say it out loud. Let them come, I shall take care I say.

Therefore, even if one lives a life of a hermit, they shouldn’t leave away the responsibilities of the family man, the dharma of a gruhasta. Agastya wishes that they shouldn’t hurt anyone and should carry out their dharma properly. This life is to spend the effects of Karma for there are two types of Karma (good and bad or papa and punya). Though there may have been papa karma for them, their search for Rishi-Muni, Siddha has reduced the sinful karma. I can say even more bravely, this day, for all of you, the burden of previous birth, the burden of three previous births, has been nullified this morning, when you all took the holy dip.

[[[ Let us sincerely pray to Agastya Maha Siddha that those who read this post, let their bad karma get reduced too!]]]

~ to be continued…!