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About liquor being widespread across the country

About liquor being widespread across the country

Q) O Sire! Liquor is running like a river in this country. What is the status of the future generation?

AA) Through the grace of God, we answer. Such sinful habit did not appear yesterday or day before but right when the human race appeared, such habits, demonic acts are there very well. Mankind may think, ‘this is not required, let’s eradicate them’ but the truth is…”it’s never going to happen that way”. But each and every individual must develop ‘vairagya’ that he will not be possessed with any bad habits. If he can think for himself, “what will he get if he does it, what if it is not done?”, “what are the ill effects of it?” – one can easily understand.

The animals are not getting addicted to such habits, which are said to have just 5 senses. But the man tells that he has the sixth sense and he is the one who gets addicted. Where is the mistake? One should think, contemplate. This is the explanation.

For praayaschitta (remedial measures), if one performs abhisheka to deities who faces Northern direction, Ugra-Devata such as Kali, with the highest of things…particularly cow’s milk, howmuch ever one can, if they perform the abhisheka, if one adorns the deity with lemon fruit, that which is called as the king of fruits, adorns the deity with flowers of good fragrance, then if they do annadhana with good quality of food to those poor, who cannot afford to buy them, then there are high chances that their sinful habits will get rid of them slowly.

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